Finding a Chicago IL Restoration Company

Unfortunately the disaster restoration industry doesn’t always put it’s best foot forward.  Not unlike other home service industries, some restoration companies simply don’t provide good service and offer even worse customer service.

Find a Chicago IL Water Damage CompanySome would argue that water & flood damage restoration companies can be the worst culprits, mainly due to the nature of the service they are providing.  For the most part, the work performed by Chicago water damage restoration companies are covered by insurance.  That creates an interesting dynamic whereby they are providing a service to you, but ultimately their customer is the insurance company (the entity that is paying them).  So they’re even less concerned with your experience as a true customer, and are simply looking to bill the insurance company and get out.

That’s the doom and gloom…but here’s the good news:  there are many, many reputable restoration companies throughout the Chicagoland area.  The key is finding the right water damage restoration company so that you can feel confident in the services they are performing.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a Chicago water damage company:

() Accreditations – are they members of professional associations such as the IICRC, BBB, RIA, or other trade associations.  While not the ultimate judge on who is good and who isn’t, membership in these associations generally indicate a company that is financially committed to being better.

() Certifications – along the lines of accreditations, it’s important to use Chicago restoration companies that are certified to perform work.  That means they have received the proper training and passed tests to ensure they’re current on the most effective restoration techniques.  The industry is constantly changing with new scientific research and new equipment evolving what proper water mitigation processes look like.  What made sense 5 years ago doesn’t necessarily make sense now.  Make sure the company you choose is fully certified and trained on the latest water extraction and mold prevention techniques!

() Responsiveness – a Chicago restoration company, more than any other, must be responsive. Your property’s health is dependent upon them providing timely service.  If they don’t answer their phone to earn your business, what is the likelihood the answer or return your call should you find something wrong later?

() Licensing & Insurance – anytime you’re letting someone into your home with heavy machinery and a large crew, it’s important to know they are licensed to be there and that you’re protected against any accidents that might happen on your property.  Make sure you ask to see their licensing and insurance documents!


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