Handling Your Chicago Water Damage Insurance Claim

On average, a homeowner will experience a water loss once every 50 years.  Suffice it to say, it’s not something people are used to dealing with, and given the added level of stress standing water in your home can cause, figure out what to do and when to do is difficult.

If you live in Chicago and find yourself the unfortunate victim of flooded house or business, here are some things you will want to consider when handling your insurance claim process.

First, realize that your responsibility is to your home and your possessions and no one cares more about those things than you.  Your insurance company’s job is to provide assistant during your flood and the aftermath, but they’re simply support.  You’re in the driver seat, and it is in the best interest of everyone that any water extraction or flood damage restoration required is done so in a timely manner to limit the damage as well as the costs to remediate that damage.

Often we are asked by Chicago homeowners, “Do I have to call my insurance company first?”  The answer is no!  In fact, if you call them, they’ll simply ask that you reach out to certified water extraction companies in order to get an estimate for the work and get it done accordingly.  So if it’s the case you are dealing with standing water in a Chicago flooded basement, or any other type of water loss, act quickly and get professional help.

The key to insurance claims is documenting everything.  A reputable company should fully document the loss, including taking pictures of the affected areas in the property, soaked items, etc,  But why leave it up to someone else to protect you?  Take photos yourself, document the extent of the damage…it cannot hurt!

The other thing to consider if you’re a Chicago homeowner filing an insurance claim for water damage or flood damage is to hold on to every receipt.  Most water extraction or flood restoration companies can work to directly bill your insurance company, but if it’s the case you have paid out of pocket for any work performed, make sure you hold on to all receipts and invoices.  That’s not just limited to the costs accrued from the extraction & restoration work, but also any subsequent expenses you might experience due to your Chicago home flood.  For instance, if you have extensive water damage that forces you to leave your home and stay in a hotel, most insurance companies will pay for these costs as well.  In fact, many hotels can also work directly with your insurance company to handle the costs of your stay with them.

So if you’re reading this and find yourself dealing with a water damaged home or office, the key thing to remember is that the onus is on you to act quickly and diligently to save your property and its content.  Be thorough in documenting your loss and any expenses you incur, and realize that it is your insurance company’s responsibility to assist you for any damage covered under your policy!

So know your rights and please let us know if you have any additional questions or need help navigating the process!

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