Preventing Freezing Pipes in Chicago IL

Frozen Pipe Prevention ChicagoThis winter, many Chicago properties will experience a flood and water damage due to frozen pipes busting within the home.  These events can cause a significant amount of damage, but luckily there are some things you can do to protect your home or office from Chicago water damage due to frozen pipes.

First, figure out which pipes and faucets are more likely to experience extreme cold temperatures during the winter.  Pipes in your home that are in heated areas, such as in temp controlled basements, will be fine.  But outside faucet heads can be a weakness that cold weather will exploit.  For those pipes that are exposed, make sure they are covered with plastic insulation foam so that they can retain heat.

One other good idea to protect your home from a flood damage due to frozen pipes is to turn on, just slightly, any faucets that you don’t intend on using throughout the winter.  If they are allowed to drip slightly, it will relieve any water pressure in the pipe itself and reduce the chances of freezing and causing significant water damage to your home or office.

Of course, even the best plans sometimes fail.  While these actions can be your best bet against a flooded basement from frozen house pipes, the reality is that sometimes nature wins.  So make sure you know where your house’s main water shutoff valve is located in the case a pipe bursts from freezing.  It is also important that you have a professional Chicago water extraction company’s phone number handy.  As you probably know, moving quickly to salvage your property will save you money and headaches!

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