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flood-damage-companyA water mitigation company is necessary any time you’ve experienced a flood event that has left moisture in your property that could end up causing mold. Both black mold and damage to the structure of your property are very real threats after a water loss, and so it’s always advised that you consult with a professional water extraction company in Worcester if you’ve suffered any type of water loss.


We dry out wet residential & commercial properties fast!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgIt’s all about speed, speed, speed.  In our industry, wasting time is never a good thing, and more often than not, creates huge problems that didn’t need to have occurred if the response had been more urgent.  It’s why everything about our process is geared towards speed, and making sure that we get things repaired before it takes an even greater toll on your property and your life.  If you need an emergency water removal company that can respond to your call immediately, please give us a call now!


When you need a price estimate you can trust, call us!


Free_EstimatesIf you’re planning on filing an insurance claim, then you’re going to need a fair cost estimate that the insurance company will agree to pay.  And of course if you’re paying out of pocket you want to know you’re not getting fleeced and that the water cleanup company isn’t taking advantage of the situation.  With us, you know you’re getting a fair price because we calculate our cost estimates using software approved by insurance companies.  It’s an independent, 3rd party system that ensures fairness and that the right costs are being applied to every material and labor provided on any given job.

Here’s how it works:


Certified Worcester water cleanup services – the right way, every time!


CertificateIconQuality assurance isn’t something most restoration companies have a grasp on.  Too many aren’t focused on great service, but rather offering a minimum level of service that allows them to go from job to job collecting insurance payments.  And many have to change their company every few years because they run out of goodwill with insurers and customers alike.  Should you choose one of those water extraction contractors, you could end up regretting it.

Here’s what we do to make sure you get the level of service you deserve…


— We make sure our technicians are good people.  There’s some bad apples out there, and you certainly aren’t inviting them into your home.  But you could end up with those people in your home if you hire them to cleanup water damage.  Don’t make that mistake!  We drug test and screen all of our technicians, so that we can make sure they are the type of people we’d also invite into our home!

— We make sure they’re licensed, insured & bonded.  It’s about safety, and if we can’t guarantee yours, then we’ve already failed.

— We make sure they are certified water mitigation professionals.  How can we provide great service without making sure our technicians have the best training available?


When it comes to making sure of a superior outcome, we believe it comes down to our employees, our machinery, and our process. Those are things we can control, and if all 3 are as good as we expect them to be, our customers will be happy. And when it comes to water mitigation services, too many water damage contractors are willing to cut corners. Whether it’s in hiring and screening their employees, making sure they are properly trained, or the equipment being used on the job site.

To see what superior water removal services entail, watch the video below:


Insurance repairs?  We can handle that too!


bill-directWhen a loss occurs due to an issue within the home’s structure, it’s almost always covered by insurance.  That is great news for you because it means that the insurance company will pay for the overwhelming majority of the costs of water removal services.  But that’s not so great if you end up choosing a company that either can’t help you file the claim or that doesn’t offer insurance billing.

We offer both insurance claims assistance and can bill them directly at the complete of our work, so you don’t have to write a check to cover the costs while you seek reimbursement from them.


Is your loss covered?


All insurance policies are different, but here are a couple of things to consider when trying to determine if your loss is covered:


Where did the water originate from? If it came from outside your home (like from a flood), you would only be covered if you have flood insurance. If it came from inside your home, like from a busted pipe, washing machine hose, or even just leaving a sink running that overflowed, it is usually covered by homeowners insurance.

Was it a sudden loss or a gradual leak over a long period of time? When your adjuster comes out, this is the first thing they are going to try and determine. If the water damage was sudden, then it’s covered. However, if they determine that the issue was the result of a very slow leak over time, they might deny your claim based on their belief that you should have known about it and prevented it from spreading.

water-heater-corrosionWas there any negligence on your part? Even if your loss was sudden, your adjuster may look for an out by saying you should have known it was going to happen. How can they do this? An example would be if your 25 year old, rusted out water heater leaks and sends water everywhere.  The adjuster will usually take one look at the water heater and say it’s clear that it was well beyond its useful life and that any well-meaning homeowner would have replaced the system long ago. Within your policy, there will be wording regarding your responsibility as a homeowner, including maintaining your home’s plumbing systems. If they feel you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain, they’ll probably deny your claim!

Don’t worry, reliable Worcester water removal services are just a phone call away. We know the importance of an immediate response to a water loss in Worcester. It’s why we have water extraction technicians available around the clock to handle all of your Worcester water cleanup needs and provide a free estimate for any work required!

Water Removal

If it’s a reliable water removal service at an affordable price you’re looking for in Worcester, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Worcester water removal technicians specialize in removing water from both residential and commercial properties!

Water Extraction

In need of professional water extraction services? We specialize in extracting water from any type of building, and always offer free estimates for any Worcester water extraction crisis you might be experiencing.


Water Cleanup

We offer Worcester water cleanup services for both homes and offices. With a rapid response and always free water cleanup estimates, we make the process of cleaning up water in your Worcester property as simple and painless as possible. So call us 24/7 for a rapid response throughout the Worcester area.

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