Annapolis MD Basement Flood Damage Repair

flood-damage-companyWhen it comes to flooding, you can’t take chances. You can’t wait for help and you need to make sure that help knows what they are doing. Too many times, when a homeowner is faced with a flood, they delay their response or hire the wrong company. Our goal is to make sure you can recover from a flood as quickly as possibly and get your life back to normal, putting the event behind you so that you can move forward again!


What Separates Us From Our Competitors?


You have choices, and we hope that we are the right choice when it comes to hiring an emergency flood cleanup company in Annapolis. We believe we set the standard when it comes to honesty, integrity, and competence. Here are just some reasons we believe RestorationEze is the right choice for all of your flooding damage service needs:


We always price our estimates using Xactimate!


Free_EstimatesWhen it comes to flooding damage, whether it’s covered under insurance or not, we use the same pricing system that any adjuster would use. While some companies spitball estimates or price you and not the loss, our estimating process is always the same. What that means is our customers are guaranteed a price that is fair, transparent, and generated according to insurance standards. See how the estimating process works by watching the video below:


Our technicians are always certified!


CertificateIconSome estimates suggest that as many as half of the technicians in the water damage restoration industry aren’t certified by the IICRC. That’s scary, because it means that half the guys out there haven’t studied the science behind the service they are offering, and can’t possibly ensure the best possible outcome for their customers. At RestorationEze of Annapolis, we always make sure the technicians working your project are certified so that we can be confident you will receive the best possible flood restoration services possible!


We guarantee all work completed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen it comes to making sure you’re happy, that is job #1 for us. We realize that you are putting a lot of faith in our ability to get your flood damaged home fixed properly, and ensuring that outcome is simply something we must do. So while some Annapolis restoration companies may just be out there collecting checks, we’re standing behind our work by offering each customer we have the privilege of serving a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


There are very rigid standards within our industry and certain protocols that should always be followed. Sadly, many flood restoration companies are either ignorant of those things or simply aren’t willing to follow them. That puts you at jeopardy. If you’d like to see what competent, professional flooding cleanup services look like, watch the video below!


Insurance-direct billing options!


checklistMost Annapolis homes have a flood insurance policy. That means that if you get any sort of water or flood damage, whether it’s from inside your home or from water outside the home getting in, you are usually covered. And to make the insurance process less of a headache for you, our insurance specialists work with your adjuster throughout the claim, including settling the final payment directly with them. So don’t worry about having to play go-between and deal with push back from your adjuster, we can handle it!


Important Things to Understand About Flooding


When it comes to floods, many people aren’t informed about the risks they present, and in some cases it can result in serious injury or even death. In fact, globally flooding is the single biggest cause of death from natural disasters each year. It’s a serious threat, especially for those of us on the coast line. Here’s some things to keep in mind in the case of widespread flooding:


mold-sporesThe water itself can make you sick

Flood water can contain any number of harmful agents that can cause illness or spread diseases. When rising waters pass over the ground, it can pick up oils and other toxic substances. In some cases, untreated sewage water can escape from treatment facilities and enter homes. It’s important to make sure your skin does not come into contact with the water and that as soon as it’s safe, you exit your home and call for help.


red-cross-flood-assistanceThere is help available

There are many resources available to you in the event of a natural disaster like flooding. While the event can make you feel helpless, please know you’re not alone and that there are individuals and organizations ready to help. From the Chesapeake Region Red Cross to FEMA, physical, emotional, and financial assistance is available.  Don’t be afraid to seek help and reach out in your time of need. If there are any resources we can provide, or course we will be happy to do!


Why do basements flood?


Typically a basement flood is the result of either a couple of things:


1. Water seeping through the foundation walls. When this happens, it’s because water is able to collect outside of your foundation walls. With enough water, and enough time, the water will find it’s way through your foundation, even if there are no cracks. Concrete is porous and water will pass right through it.

How do you prevent this from happening?

Make sure water can’t collect against your foundation by:

() ensuring your gutters work properly and you have downspouts attached

() slope the grade of your lawn away from your property so that any water that does land near your foundation has to flow away from it.

() if you can’t ensure your lawn slopes properly, install french drains to transport the water from your foundation to the street.


2. Sewage water backs up into the basement. This is a particularly dangerous form of water damage because it can make you sick. But why does it happen? In times of heavy rain, sometimes the city’s combined sewer systems can become too full of storm water. When this happens, any sewage & storm water passing through the pipes will seek a way out, and unfortunately the way out is your home’s sewer line. The water creeps up the sewer line and exits through your drains and toilets!

How do you prevent this from happening?

Make sure you have a sewer backflow prevention device installed outside of your home.


Property flood repair in Annapolis requires an immediate response. We have Annapolis flood repair contractors available whenever you need help. We provide a 24/7 rapid response and free estimate for your Annapolis flood cleaning service needs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help get your Annapolis property repaired and restored fast!

Flood Restoration

Do you live in Annapolis and are in need of flood damage restoration help? If so, time is crucial! We offer rapid Annapolis flood restoration services for both residential and commercial customers, and would be happy to come to your Annapolis property to provide a free estimate for any flood damage restoration work you may need done!

Flood Repair

Should you be in a situation where you need Annapolis flood repairs services, a fast response is crucial. We specialize in 24/7 emergency Annapolis flood damage repairs and would be happy to come to your home or office and offer a free estimate for any work you might need done!

Flood Cleaning

If your Annapolis home or business has experienced a flood, a fast response is necessary. We provide rapid Annapolis flood cleaning services and can be at your property fast to get your property dry. So if you are in need of Annapolis flood cleanup services that you can count on, please call now for a rapid response and free estimate.

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