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flood-damage-companyWater losses can be painful to experience, but the process of recovering doesn’t have to be. We’ve handled thousands of water damage repair projects, from small residential losses to massive commercial losses, we’ve got you covered. Our friendly and knowledgable technicians understand the challenges in properly drying out a structure and will take the fastest and most cost-effective route to making sure your home is safe and sound.


Why are we the #1 water damage company in Annapolis?


Our success is built upon being honest with our customers, making sure our technicians are properly trained and can provide great service, and ensuring the highest level of customer service possible. Here are just some of the things you’ll get when you choose us as your water restoration contractor:


A free estimate using transparent pricing!


Free_EstimatesMany people worry that water damage companies are going to rip them off based on their panicked state, and the reality is there should be some legitimate concern there. But with us, you get the fair price for whatever work needs to be done. What do we mean by that? In the restoration business, most of our work is paid for by homeowners insurance companies. Because of this, they actually set prices for our work. So when estimating the cost of water damage services in your home, we use the same system they do.

Here’s how it works:


Certified water damage service from insured/screened technicians!


CertificateIconThat might seem like a given, but most companies either don’t screen their employees or don’t require their technicians to be certified by the IICRC! That means you could have a convicted felon in your home, or someone that doesn’t actually know much about what they’re going, or both! We always background screen our technicians and require they become certified as water damage restoration technicians.

When it comes to providing service for our customers, we refuse to take the easy route and cut corners in order to save our company money. We do things the right way, and we follow the appropriate protocols at every step. Here’s what you can typically expect should you hire us to perform any water mitigation services you may need:


Start-to-finish insurance claim assistance!


checklistThere’s no two ways about it…an insurance claim can be a nightmare. If you’re homeowner dealing with a water loss claim for the first time and trying to manage your adjuster on one side and your water damage company on the other side, it can be painful and extremely stressful. So to make the process easier for you, we can work directly with your insurer so you don’t have to. In fact, we just bill them directly, so you don’t have to worry about paying upfront and then waiting on a reimbursement check!


Common water damage events & prevention tips!


While on average a home will have water damage once every 11 years, there are certain things you can do to prevent it from happening to you (or least greatly decreases the chances…sometimes despite your best efforts, accidents will happen!).


frozen-pipesWrap any pipes that are exposed to cold temps in the winter. Frozen pipes can burst and send water spraying everywhere, flooding your basement and causing a massive amount of damage in a matter of minutes. To prevent this, each fall survey the outside of your house (or any portions inside that aren’t climate controlled) and make sure you insulate the pipes by wrapping a towel around them (or you can buy actual pipe insulation for cheap).

Inspect your home’s appliances. Some of the most common causes of water damage are from appliances, specifically the water supply lines that service your washing machine, refrigerator, and toilets. Routinely check these lines for warps or cracks, and repair as needed. They only cost a few dollars but can end up saving you a ton of money should one of the lines fail!

pooling-water-around-foundationKeep water away from your home’s foundation. This is especially true if you have a basement. If you do, and water pools along the outside of your home, it’s going to eventually find a way into your basement. Depending on whether or not you have a finished basement will ultimately determine what steps you should take to prevent it from flooding, but at a minimum make sure your gutters are doing their job and keeping water away from your house and that you have your lawn sloped away from your foundation!


Where there is moisture, there will be mold!


black mold damageDid you know every surface, whether it’s your walls, floors or cabinets, has some amount of moisture in it? Did you know that healthy homes also have a small amount of black mold spores in them? When water damage occurs, these surfaces become too wet, and ultimately that excess moisture results in black mold. Mold spores feed off of the structures in your home, and only need the right temperatures and some extra water to really start festering.

Just how quickly will get mold after suffering water damage? Usually within 48-72 hours, if not sooner. That obviously doesn’t leave you much time to address the moisture issue. In fact, if you call your adjuster and wait for a claim it can take that long, at which point you have even bigger problems on your hands.

What do we do to make sure you don’t get black mold? Over the long-haul, the only way to ensure you don’t end up with a mold problem is to make sure you don’t have a moisture problem. So when we dry a home, that’s one of the biggest reasons for doing so quickly. We need to reach the dry standard (meaning every wet every is returned to ‘normal’ levels of moisture) as fast as possible. But because sometimes dry times can last longer than the time it takes mold to grow, we use mold inhibitor sprays to stop it’s growth in the short term while our drying equipment does its job!

Dealing with an Annapolis water damage issue and not sure where to turn?  You’ve come to the right place!  Our Annapolis restoration contractors have the resources, experience, and know-how to handle any Annapolis water damage service you might need.  Call us today to speak with an Annapolis restoration company agent and receive a free estimate for any work you may need done.

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