Gaithersburg MD Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

flooded-basement-damageWet basements become big problems if not dealt with immediately by professionals. Attempt to cleanup water from your basement and dry out the structure on your own and you’re only going to cause more problems. Wait around for your insurer to do something and it will be more of the same. When it comes to a flooded basement, you should always call a certified water damage restoration company to fully assess the loss and make a determination for your best path forward. We would be happy to assist you in your time of need, so please give us a call and we can be onsite within 1 hour to help you start putting your life back in order!


Why you can’t delay when responding to basement flooding!


removing black mold from a flooded basementOn too many occasions we receive calls from homeowners that waited a couple of days to call us. Whether they tried to dryout the basement on their own, or they just waited around for their insurer to do something, the results are the same: we’ve got an uphill battle on our hands because we’ve lost time to a very aggressive enemy: black mold. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that toxic black mold only needs 48 hours after a moisture intrusion in a basement to begin growing and causing damage throughout your property. It’s just one of the many reasons why you must call us now if you’ve discovered a flood basement in your home or business!


Call RestorationEze for a free basement water damage estimate!


free-basement-water-damage-estimateThe first step in helping you recover from a flooded basement is helping you understand the amount of damage that has occurred and precisely what needs to be done to rectify the situation. In order to do that, our technicians will need to take moisture readings and measurements to know where the water has traveled. Once we understand the surfaces that have been impacted, we can recommend the proper basement water cleanup mitigation plan and provide you with an estimate for the cost of performing the work!

And best yet, the estimating process is designed to be both transparent and uniform. How so? Our basement water damage company will use the exact same cost estimating software any insurance adjuster would use. That’s right, our prices are completely dictated by insurers, not us! So when you get an estimate from RestorationEze, you know it’s a fair price and won’t be rejected should you go to file a claim!

Here is how it works!


Our basement flooding restoration services are always guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe realize that when customers call us, they are in a desperate state and have a lot more questions than they do answers. Our role isn’t just to cleanup their basement and make sure it’s dry again, but to counsel them through the entire process. After all, we’ve mitigated thousands of basement floods, so while it might be a first for you, it’s something we deal with every day. As part of our goal on any new project, one thing we guarantee each customer is that once completed, they’ll be 100% satisfied with our work.


Our technicians are knowledgeable, friendly & safe!


Certified basement water removal servicesWe see ourselves as in the business of protecting your safety. Whether you know it or not, a flooded basement represents a huge risk to your safety. Whether it’s from a weakened structure that could collapse, harmful pathogens in the water that may transmit disease, or the eventual threat of toxic mold spores. Given these concerns, we realize the important of making sure our technicians are good people that are good at what they do. All of our technicians must pass background screens and random drug and alcohol tests. But they must also maintain their IICRC certification for water damage restoration. It’s just one of the many things we do to make sure you’re treated respectfully and that the work is done properly!


See how basement flooding repair services are typically handled!


We made a video that explains what the typical process is like when we come in to perform basement water extraction services as well as any drying and restoration work. For most people, they’ve never had to hire a water mitigation company so the process is completely foreign to them. We’ve found that the more our customers understand about what we do, the better the outcome for everybody. So please take a minute and watch the video below to see how we take your basement from where it is now and return it to its pre-loss condition!


Don’t call the wrong basement water cleanup company and get shoddy service that can put your health and that of your family at risk. Too many things can go wrong when it comes to a flooded basement to entrust the work to the wrong people. Call us now for reputable and dependable help!

If you are in Gaithersburg and in need of professional flood repair services, we’re here to help! We offer Gaithersburg residents free estimates for any flood damage repair service you might require. No matter how big the Gaithersburg flood damage is, we have the ability to get your property dry and fully restored quickly!

Flood Restoration

Do you live in Gaithersburg and are in need of flood damage restoration help? If so, time is crucial! We offer rapid Gaithersburg flood restoration services for both residential and commercial customers, and would be happy to come to your Gaithersburg property to provide a free estimate for any flood damage restoration work you may need done!

Flood Repair

A fast response to any Gaithersburg flood repair needs is a must! The longer your home or office sits damaged, the more costly any Gaithersburg flood damage repairs will be. So if you live in the Gaithersburg area and need help now, please call us for a free estimate. Our flood repair in Gaithersburg experts are available 24/7!

Flood Cleaning

Everyday in Gaithersburg, disasters occur that require rapid flood cleaning services. When they do, you can count on our Gaithersburg flood cleanup crews to get your home or office fully dry and restored fast. We offer a free, no obligation Gaithersburg cleanup flood estimate as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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