Gaithersburg MD Water Damage Restoration & Repair

home-water-damage-restorationNever wait around once you’ve discovered water damage in your home or business. Things can only get worse, and the destruction a water loss will leave can be immense if not dealt with immediately. We specialize in providing emergency water damage cleanup services and can handle anything from a one room residential loss to a massive commercial flood. Any amount of excess moisture in your property represents an emergency, so call us and get the urgency and speed your situation deserves!


Step one – call us for a free water damage repair estimate!


Free water damage restoration estimateWe would be happy to come visit your home and determine how much it will cost to cleanup water damage and return everything to the way it looked before the loss. The process is very simple and very transparent. First, our technicians will take moisture readings to see where the water damage has occurred (most moisture can not be seen or felt but requires sophisticated equipment to detect) and then we’ll measure the amount of space effected. From there, we add the data into a system called Xactimate that tells us the price!


How does Xactimate work?

XactimateIt’s important for customers to understand what Xactimate is because it’s the industry’s leading estimating software. Because most sudden water damage is covered under insurance, they’ve gotten together to standardize the pricing system. So for any piece of machinery we might need to use, or any item we might need to tear out and replace, there is an already accepted price for each line item. So Xactimate tallies up the costs based on those prices. Here’s how it works:


What does the full water damage restoration process entail?


When you hire a water damage company in Gaithersburg, we feel it’s important you understand what the work will usually look like. Over the years, we’ve realized that an educated customer is more often than not a happy customer because they know enough to ask the right questions and demand the right outcomes. We want to educate you about the water damage mitigation process so you feel comfortable with everything we are doing and are happy with the progress. So what does the process usually look like? Watch this short video to see!


What to expect from RestorationEze’s water damage services:


Given the abundance of choices you have when needing emergency water damage services, we understand we have to earn your trust in order to earn your business. While the best way for us to do that is meet with you in person and walk through your project, we do believe there are some things you should know before even calling us:


All technicians pass a background screen & random drug & alcohol testing.

checklistHow could a company promise to help you in your time of need if they aren’t even willing to make sure their employees are reputable people? The percentage of water damage repair companies that don’t even screen their employees would astound you. With us, you can be certain that any technician that comes to your home has passed both a background screening for criminal history and also random drug and alcohol tests.


All technicians carry up-to-date certifications & insurance.

certified-water-damage-companyAt a minimum, shouldn’t you be able to put your trust in a company that makes sure their technicians are actually certified to do the work being asked of them and that they carry financial protections in the form of insurance. Sadly, so many companies can’t even get that right. All of our water damage cleanup service technicians carry both!


All water mitigation services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeWhat should be standard in any service industry is becoming all too rare in the water damage restoration space. But in a way, we like to do it the old-fashioned way: provide a service that our customers can be happy with. It seems simple, but so many of our competitors aren’t willing to go that extra mile to make sure you’re happy…we will!


We fix water damage so you don’t get black mold in your home!


mold-free-water-cleanup-servicesSome people don’t understand the correlation between water damage and mold damage. If the former isn’t fixed almost immediately, the latter is 100% certain to occur. Within about 3 days, and sometimes even sooner, if you haven’t dried out the structure black mold will begin to cause visible damage to your home. This isn’t a possibility, it’s a certainty. So to make sure you don’t end up in a toxic home that can make you sick, the only thing you can do is make sure that whoever you hire properly dries out your structure so the conditions black mold needs to thrive aren’t present.

Call us and we guarantee your property will pass any third party mold tests you wish to have performed. It’s just one more thing we do to make sure our customers have peace of mind that the work was done correctly and that their home is safe!


If you’ve found yourself in Gaithersburg and needing a professional restoration company, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Gaithersburg restoration service is designed to get you back on your feet fast.  No matter how big or small, our Gaithersburg restoration companies have the expertise to get your property clean and dry!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration services in Gaithersburg aren’t as simple as getting out water and replacing a few pieces of drywall.  Proper Gaithersburg water damage service means ensuring your property is completely dried out and that there is no danger of future issues.  Each of our Gaithersburg water damage companies is completely certified to provide the highest level of restoration services possible!


Water Damage Repair

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of needing professional Gaithersburg water damage repairs, we can help.  Repairing water damage is not an easy task, luckily we have the resources in Gaithersburg to provide an immediate response and get you back on your feet quickly!



Water Damage Cleanup

No matter what type of property you have, if it’s Gaithersburg water damage cleanup services you need, we can help!  We offer Gaithersburg residents and businesses free estimates and always stand behind any work we do!

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