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water-cleanup-serviceEmergency water mitigation services are our specialty. Whether it’s 3 in the morning of Christmas Eve, we’re always on-call and able to respond to water loss the moment you call us. We have crews available around-the-clock and would be happy to begin the process of getting your property dry by providing you with a free onsite cost estimate. If you want us to begin work immediately, we come prepared to tackle any amount of water damage your property may have sustained! Just give us a call and let us walk you through the process of getting your life and your home back to normal. We’ve mitigated thousands of flood damaged homes and would be honored to assist you when you need help the most!


Day and night emergency water cleanup services when you need it!


24-7Any event which causes your home to take on water is cause for an emergency. Sadly, too many homeowners don’t realize that until it’s too late and they end up with more damage from the water and usually also begin to see black mold damage. So please don’t make the same mistake so many others do. Whether it’s a small space or your entire home is flooded, call us now so we can properly diagnose the loss and contain it from causing more damage!


Schedule a free onsite water mitigation estimate!


free-water-removal-estimateThe easiest and most reliable way to know what you’re up against and what it’s going to cost to get things fixed is to schedule a free onsite estimate. This will allow one of our crews to visually assess the loss and determine the full extent of damage. It will also allow us the chance to lay out the proper mitigation plan, at which point we can provide you with a cost estimate for the work we will need to perform. The assessment and cost estimate is completely free and there is no obligation to move forward if you don’t feel comfortable with us or the cost!


How do we arrive at the water removal cost? It’s actually a lot simpler than you think. In our industry, insurers determine the cost of the cleanup services. They have determined a standard rate for every piece of machinery we might need to use as well as any surfaces or items we may need to replace. So to calculate the cost, we use the same piece of software they use to estimate losses. It’s called Xactimate, and we made a video to explain how it works!


See what our emergency water removal services look like!


The difference between trying to cleanup water on your own and hiring professionals is night and day. Often times we field calls from people that spent a couple of days trying to get the moisture out of their home only to come to the conclusion they can’t do it. Usually by then things have gotten much worse and the cost to mitigate the damage has gone up. If you think you can rent a wet/dry vacuum and then open all of your windows and turn some fans on, please watch this video. It helps you understand the steps necessary to properly mitigate water losses and dry out structures before any mold problems set in!


We pinpoint all of the moisture so you don’t get black mold!


Too many homeowners, the process seems very straightforward: see water, remove water, dry surface. The reality is that much of the moisture can’t be detected by human eyes or even by touch. Whether it has traveled behind tiles and into your drywall, or into subflooring or behind a wall cavity, sophisticated equipment is necessary to find the moisture so you know what needs to be dried. Take a look at the image below. On one side you see what the wall looks like to the naked eye. On the other side you see what’s really going on. That image was taken using an infrared camera, and as it clearly shows, that is a wall that is destined to get mold damage if not dried out immediately!



What happens if the moisture isn’t removed immediately?


removing black mold from a flooded basement100% of the time, if the excess moisture isn’t removed quickly the surfaces will begin to get black mold. Mold only needs about 2 days, a little food (your walls, cabinets, carpet pad, etc.), and water to start thriving. And once it begins to grow, the speed it takes over can be astonishing. In fact, if you watched the video above explaining what steps we take during the water damage restoration process, you’ll see one of them is to spray down the areas with a mold inhibitor. We do this because mold grows faster than we can dry out a home, so we need a little help and use the mold inhibitor to give us a longer window in which to remove the conditions black mold needs.


We guarantee you’ll be happy with our water extraction services!


Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeDon’t hire a company that isn’t willing to stand behind their work. With us, we make sure every customer is completely satisfied with our work. In fact, we guarantee it! We don’t even close out a project until we’ve walked the entirety of the property with the homeowner and made sure they are completely satisfied with our work. If there are any problems, we resolve them before considering the job final!


Gaithersburg water cleanup services are just a phone call away! If you’re in the Gaithersburg area and have a flooded basement or wet area, and you need a Gaithersburg water removal contractor you can trust, please call us now! We’ll provide a free estimate and rapid response for your Gaithersburg water extraction needs!

Water Removal

If you find yourself in need of emergency Gaithersburg water removal services, we can help! Our water removal contractors in Gaithersburg are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your property dry and back to its original state!


Water Extraction

Our Gaithersburg water extraction companies understand the challenges of proper extraction of water. We stand behind all of the work we perform in the Gaithersburg area and offer a free estimate for any water extracting services you might need!

Water Cleanup

If you are in Gaithersburg and need emergency water c leanup services, we understand how frightening it can be. That’s why our Gaithersburg water cleanup services are designed to make the process as painless as possible. So call us today if you’re in the Gaithersburg area for a free quote for any cleaning up water services you might need!

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