Detroit MI Basement Flood Clean-up

Detroit basement floods can be chaotic.  Walking into your basement to standing water can be a terrifying experience and something we wish no homeowner had to go through.  But if it does, our Detroit basement flood cleanup company is available at anytime day or night to help get your flooded basement dry again.  Each technician is fully vetted to insure they are industry-certified to provide proper basement flood restoration services.


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Detroit area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Flooded Basement Dos and Don’ts

Do call for help immediately!  You don’t have to wait for your insurance company to take charge.  They’re not responsible for getting your flooded basement cleaned up.  You are, so take charge and call for professional help immediately!

Do stop the source of the water!  If the water is still flowing and you can identify the source, turn it off.  Whether it’s a toilet that’s overflowing or a busted pipe, shut off the water source to make sure no further flooding occurs.

Do turn off the electricity to the basement!  It could be the case that the flooding has reach electrical cords or live outlets, which obviously presents a dangerous electrical hazard.  Find your home’s circuit panel and shut off any circuits that are feeding electricity to your flooded basement.

Do remove any furniture or items that haven’t been soaked but could get wet!  If there are things that you can safely get to and remove that haven’t been flood damaged but are at risk of getting damaged, remove them and put them in a safe place away from the basement flooding.

Do call to file a claim!  If you plan on filing an insurance claim and you’ve followed the steps above, you can go ahead and call your agent and explain what happened.  You’ll want to have your policy number handy and they’ll be able to begin the processing of opening a claim on your behalf.  They might also require a written notice on top of a verbal notice!

Don’t enter the basement if it’s a sewage back-up.  If the source of the flooding is a sewage back-up and you have raw sewer water in your basement, don’t go down there.  Just call a professional restoration company and let them deal with what is a highly toxic situation.

Don’t call a non-certified basement flood cleaning company.  Some companies advertise themselves as restoration companies but lack the certifications required by most insurance carriers.  Make sure you choose a certified company so that the basement water extraction is done properly!  Only a certified flood damage company can perform each step necessary to ensure your basement is safe to be in and free from further damage!


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Not sure what our services cost?  Every project is different..some simply require some water extraction and drying, while others require more in depth restoration services.  While we can’t offer a quote over the phone, we’d be happy to come to your home and assess your basement flood and provide a full cost quote for our services.  There is no obligation from you!

Not only do you get a free quote, but you get the peace of mind knowing the quote was generated by Xactimate, the market leader in claims estimating for insurance repairs. Because most flooded basements in Detroit are covered by insurance policies, we use the same software your adjuster will use to scope the amount of work needed to repair the property and the cost for any services required…watch this quick video to learn more!


Don’t get black mold from a wet basement!


basement-moldWater in basements happen.  It’s the most susceptible part of your property to flooding, and if you live in the house long enough, chances are your basement will flood at some point.  But the water damage should never result in black mold if you deal with the situation immediately. Black mold grows whenever the opportunity presents itself, and the gates are wide open when excess moisture soaks your walls or any other surfaces it can feast on.

Exactly how long do you have before you get mold?  It varies, but usually it is around 2-3 days.  That should give you some sense for how aggressive it can be, and how important it is that you hire an emergency basement flooding company to get the moisture out quickly!


Curious how we repair water damage in your basement?


The steps to getting your property restored, dry and safe are pretty standard. While the equipment can vary, and the time it takes to get things fixed can vary, the 5 steps highlighted in the video below should give you a sense for what the project will entail:


Worried about your insurance claim?  Let us help!


insurance-claim-formInsurance claims can be especially tricky if you’re trying to handle it on your own. You need a company that has experience working with adjusters and a proven track record of securing the best possible outcomes for its clients.  We work with adjusters daily, and will do everything in our power to ensure a satisfactory settlement for your loss.

The key with any claim is making sure your basement water removal company is on your side, and can advocate on your behalf.  If you end up calling your adjuster and they refer you to a provider, it may not be the case that company is on your side at all, but rather is in the back pocket of the adjuster.  So please, call us if your basement flooded and let us assess the situation and help explain your options!

As you can see in this article, there are a lot of things you can say to your insurer when dealing with a water damage claim that can come back to haunt you. There’s no need for those mistakes to happen, so please call us.

Want to see what not to do should you get a wet basement from recent flooding? Watch this woman’s youtube video!

If you have experienced a Detroit sewage back-up issue or your basement is flooded due to a pipe bursting or toilet overflowing, our water damage restoration crews in Detroit MI have the experience, knowledge & resources to get your property fully restored.

No matter what, you can rest easy knowing the Detroit basement flood crew that arrives can fully extract any water in your basement and dry out your Detroit property and its contents.  We are available 24/7 throughout the Detroit MI area for a rapid response and can quickly assess your damage and begin the water extraction and/or water damage restoration process.  Flooded basement in Detroit?  No problem, we’re to help!  Just call us anytime day or night and we’ll be there to help get your basement dry and ensure that any damage is successfully repaired and restored.


Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Mike H. in Rochester, MI – Busted pipe in basement

Several inches of water needed to be extracted from the customers basement due to a pipe busting in the basement. Damage was caused by a pipe that was running to the home’s humidifiers and the water had leaked for several days.

Janice M. in Ann Arbor, MI – Basement flooded from failed valve on a water supply line

Wet wooden ceiling in unfinished basement and water soaked various furniture in the basement.

Rob P. in Shelby Township, MI – Basement flood from toilet overflow

Bedroom, hallway, bathroom all got flooded, including wood floors. Unfortunately customer waited 4 days before calling so the floors were buckled and carpet needed to be replaced.

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