Flint MI Basement Flood Clean-up

Water in basements is the most common cause of water losses within residential properties here in Flint. Whether from a heavy storm or snow melt, or a busted pipe or washing machine hose unattaching…if you have basement flooding, you need professional help! We offer complete basement water extraction & repair services and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for the cost of our certified and guaranteed service!


Immediate basement flooding cleaning service is available!


If there’s one thing we always try to stress to potential customers, it’s that getting water out of your basement quickly is extremely important.  Anytime you’ve sustained basement flooding, there’s a chance that structural damage has occurred.  The quicker the water is out and the walls are dried, the less chance that happens!

So call us now and we’ll dispatch a technician immediately!


We give you a quote for all basement water damage repairs!


We always come to your home to survey your flooded basement in Flint.  It lets us determine the extent of damage, know what has been affected and needs to be dried out, etc.  It also lets us explain what we do, how we are, and answer your questions.  Our tech will layout our mitigation plan and provide you with an upfront estimate!

So call us if you need a free basement water cleanup estimate!

Basement floods, whether they are covered by insurance or not, should always be estimated using a system called Xactimate. But with many basement water cleanup companies in Flint, they won’t use the right pricing guides and end up charging customers more than they should. With RestorationEze, you always get an estimate that is priced according to industry-standards. In fact, we use the same system to quote losses as your insurance adjuster.

Please watch the video below to learn more!


Satisfaction guaranteed & a 1 year warranty!


Imagine having your basement flooded and calling a company that left your house a mess.  Or imagine having the work done only to notice mold or hidden water damage after they’re gone?  Sadly it happens, but if you call us we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the service you receive & you’ll get a 1 year warranty!

Choose a basement flood company that stands behind their work!

Our confidence in our basement flood restoration services are based upon the quality of our technicians and the training and experience they have received. All of our technicians are certified as water damage restoration professionals and strictly follow the proper procedures set forth by the IICRC. To see how we mitigate basement flooding damage, watch the video below:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Flint area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Got water in your basement?  We get it dry fast!


If your Flint flooded basement has happened from heavy rains, broken pipes, or even a washing machine malfunctioning, the goal is the same: safely & quickly get the water out so that we can begin the drying process.

It doesn’t take long for mold to take root if it has the right conditions for growth.  So after we’ve performed the water removal process, we then apply mildicides on the water soaked areas to prevent mold growth.  It also buys us more time to dry your structure and evaporate and exhaust any remaining moisture!


basement-moldHow quickly does mold grow?

What people don’t realize is that small levels of mold are already present in their homes. In fact, mold exists in every environment, normally at low and safe levels. But when moisture is introduced (or rather, too much moisture), the mold begins to feed off of the excess moisture and any organic substances and grows quickly. Just how quickly? About 48 hours.

How do you stop it?

Mold can only be stopped by removing the excess moisture and thus removing the environment it needs to thrive. You can scrub a wall with as much bleach as you want, but unless you address the underlying moisture issue, the mold will simply keep eating away at your walls and continue spreading. To stop mold, you need a certified basement flood cleanup company to address the moisture issue!

If you just walked down to your Flint basement and found it flooded, you’re probably in a panic.  We understand, our basement flood experts deal with the issue everyday.  It’s important that you act quickly to get the water out as soon as possible.  The longer water stays in your flooding basement, the more problems that will arise.  We have certified basement water extraction professionals available 24/7 to help get your residential or commercial basement flood situation resolved fast.

Our flood damage experts only use the most hi-tech equipment and restoration industry-standard techniques to restore your property.  That means you can have peace of mind knowing your Flint basement flood will be mitigated properly.

Regardless of the size of the affected area, or whether your basement is finished or not, we can come to your home or office immediately to provide an assessment of the flood and a cost estimate to perform any basement water removal services necessary.  We can also work with your insurance company and perform the homeowners’ insurance claims process to assist you in your time of need!

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