Flint MI Flood Damage Restoration

What makes our flood cleanup services special? We believe it’s the 3 pillars upon which we’ve built out flood damage company: speed, reliability, and affordability. Our focus is on providing reliable service fast and at a rate that is fair and affordable. So if you’ve got flooding damage in Flint, we hope you’ll give us a call and let us provide you with a free estimate for our services!


We repair flooding damage fast & respond immediately!


When a flood has happened, it isn’t a situation that affords anyone the ability to move slowly.  It’s important that you call us quickly and it’s important that we respond immediately when you do call.  So our technicians are on-call around the clock to respond to your flood damage cleaning needs!

Call for an immediate response & fast flooding cleanup service!


We give you an upfront & free flood damage estimate!


Just give us a call and a friendly, certified flood restoration technician will come to your residential or commercial property to perform a complete inspection.  Our flooding damage assessment will give us a chance to layout our mitigation plan and answer your questions, as well as provide you with a cost estimate!

Call us if you’d like a free, no obligation quote!

Flood cleanup companies (should) use the same estimating software. In other words, you don’t need to get several quotes, because we all use the same system to quote your loss. And when work begins, we work hand in hand with your adjuster to make sure every thing we do is both necessary and charged at the accepted rate. Watch the video below to see how the estimating process works:


Choose a Flint flood damage company that stands by its work!


You only get one chance to pick the best flood cleanup company available.  And choosing poorly can result in more damage to your home and bigger headaches for you and your family.  So choose us and you’ll be picking a flood restoration company that offers a complete satisfaction guarantee & 1 year warranty!

We make sure you’re happy & give you a 1 year warranty!

When faced with flooding, it can be scary. Not only is it dangerous, but you have to make quick decisions. One of those decisions is what company to hire to help you get your home fixed. We pride ourselves on hiring the best people, training them exhaustively, and making sure they carry the proper certifications so that they do the work the right way. The video below helps give you a better idea of  what flood cleanup services look like when you have the right components in place!


We offer direct to insurance billing!


Not a lot of us have money around to pay for unexpected situations like a flood loss.  So if it’s happened to you and you’d be better off having us bill the insurance company, we can do that!  That way you don’t have to pay with your own money and then wait around for them to send a reimbursement check!

We’ll bill insurance for our flood damage cleanup services!

How do insurance claims work when it comes to flooding?

insurance-claim-formGenerally speaking, if you have water damage in your home from rain water, rising rivers, etc. then you would not be covered for the damage without flood insurance. If you do have insurance for flooding, then the best thing to do is begin the process of getting your home dried out before more damage occurs. A lot of people assume they have to have an open claim, or wait for their adjuster to come out and inspect the loss. When it comes to major flood events, adjusters get very busy and it may be days before they can inspect your property. That is precious time lost that will result in more damage and ultimately greater costs to them.

You don’t have to wait to get work done! Call us, and we can begin work and then work with your adjuster to settle the claim!

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Flint area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Certified Residential & Commercial Flood Damage Services!


Some companies provide cleaning or general contracting services and will take on flood restoration work if it falls in their lap.  Beware!  These companies are not typically certified flood damage restoration companies and you run the risk of not getting the work done properly.  Should that happen, you could end up with secondary water damage and even more problems on your hands.

If you need a certified Flint flood cleanup company, then give us a call.  Our technicians go to work each day repairing flood damage in homes and businesses.  It’s what we do and we make sure that anyone coming to help you knows what they’re doing and will restore your property the right way!


We deal with flood damage each day.  Whether from hard rainstorms or simply the product of water heaters or toilets gone bad, Flint MI basement floods happen.  But when they do, our flooding extraction professional crews are ready to help.  It’s an emotional event that can cause much stress and unfortunately dealing the insurance company can only make matters worse.

Luckily, our Flint MI flood damage teams are insurance approved and can handle the messy claims process!  Our focus is on making it as easy on you as possible.  That means explaining your flood damage options, providing a free water extraction or water damage restoration estimate, and handling the entire process.  Our water removal crews only use the best equipment and are fully trained to handle even the worst Flint sewage back-up issues.

Our Flint flood cleaning professionals are standing by 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week to help you!  Call today and speak with a live representative regarding your residential or commercial flood damage event and get a free estimate for any dryout or restoration services you might need!  We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to help when you have an emergency and find yourself needing reliable services!


Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Leah H. in Midland, MI – Flood damage from storm

Finished basement was flooded due to a storm 5 days previously. Water was extracted and basement was dried out, carpet was not able to be saved. Some walls were replaced as well.

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