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Any time a sewer line backs ups and spills waste into your property, you’re looking at a serious emergency. It can contain harmful pathogens that can make you sick, not to mention cause serious damage to your home or business. So if you’ve experienced a back-up and need a professional sewage cleanup company in Flint, we hope you’ll call us. We’ve been repairing sewage damage for over 2 decades and we always guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our service. So give us a call now for a free quote!


If you need sewage cleaning services now, please call!


We guarantee an immediate response.  Because when it comes to cleaning sewage, it must occur as quickly after the spill as possible.  Waiting around puts you at greater risk of illness and your property at greater risk of severe damage.  That’s why we make sure to respond immediately when you call for help!

We guarantee a 60 minute or less response time!

Under no circumstances should you sit around while raw sewage lurks in your basement or any other area of your property. The agents lurking in sewage are potentially deadly. We created the video below to explain the dangers that come with a sewage backup and the challenges that come with cleaning it up.


Want a free sewage cleaning quote?  Just give us a call!


We always provide new customers with a complete sewage damage inspection when you call.  It gives our technicians an opportunity to survey the sewage back-up damage and determine what’s required of us to get the mess cleaned up.  It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the process!

So call now to schedule a free in-home inspection & estimate!


Our sewage backup cleaning services are guaranteed!


Our goal is nothing short of your complete satisfaction.  When you choose us as your Flint sewage extraction company, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a company that guarantees you’ll be happy with the service provided.  But you’ll have even more peace of mind with a 1 year warranty on all services rendered!

So choose a company that stands behind its work!


Ask about our insurance-direct billing!


Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to write a check for an accident that happened from your sewage back-up?  Well if your loss is covered under your insurance policy, we offer the option of billing them directly for our sewage cleaning services.  Or, we can assist you with your claim if you’re paying upfront and need reimbursement from them!

Call us now and we’ll bill your insurance company!


Our technicians are certified sewage extraction specialists!


Don’t end up calling a company that sends out technicians that are hardly qualified to clean sewage back-ups.  It could end up causing your home to experience secondary damage and put your family at health risks.  Our technicians are all certified sewage back-up extraction specialists, which means they know the proper techniques for safe sewage extraction!

We train & certified each technician so you get great service!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Flint area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Why did my sewer backup?


roots_in_pipeThere are a couple of different causes that could have resulted in raw sewage water in your basement. If the backup occurred during heavy rains, you may have actually experienced a sewer overflow. In many municipalities sewer lines double as storm drains. When it rains a lot, those pipes have too much water passing through them. If any sort of blockage occurs in the main city’s sewer line, the water will take the path of least resistance while traveling through the line. That often means coming up your drain line that attaches to the city’s sewer line.


The other potential cause is a blockage in your house’s sewer line. The usual suspects are tree roots that have grown into connection points in the pipe (or into the pipe itself if you have old clay pipes). If not tree roots, the blockage can be a result of putting the wrong things down your drain. Do you put kitchen oils or greases down your sink drain? If so, you’re going to eventually cause a sewer backup. The oils start out as liquids but solidify once they hit the cold pipes in the ground. Pour enough grease, and over time it will create a full or partial blockage, at which point other fibrous items you flush down your toilet will complete the clog and make sure sewage can’t get down. What can’t do down then comes up!

Sewage back-ups are stinky business.  But it’s our business and we work hard to make each of our customers get the highest level of sewage removal service available.  If your home or office in Flint has experienced a sewage back-up and you need a Flint water damage restoration company you can trust, we’re the answer.  Too many times,  sewage damage repair companies don’t show up on-time or don’t use the right techniques to dry out and clean-up your property.  Not with us.

Our Flint basement flood professionals utilize the best products and the latest techniques to fully clean-out any sewer back-up situation you might be dealing with.

We understand you have choices for your sewage back-up cleaning needs.  It’s why we want to earn your business and prove to you our water cleanup crews are the best in the business.  Call us now and we’ll have a truck at your property within 60 minutes to fully assess your Flint sewage back-up needs and offer a free estimate to clean-up the mess.  If you want us to clean-up your Flint property at that point, we can begin the clean-up and dryout process immediately as each Flint restoration crew arrives with a fully stocked truck!

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