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Did you know that a sewage flood is considered the most dangerous type of water loss you can experience? There’s over 120 reasons why that’s the case…that’s the number of disease-causing pathogens that is commonly found in sewer back-ups. So if you have raw sewage, it’s important you call a Grand Rapids sewage removal company immediately to ensure you don’t end up getting sick! We offer free estimates and an immediate response, so give us a call now!


Do you have sewage damage? Please watch the video below!


When faced with a sewage backup, it’s important that you understand the toxic nature of the water in your home. Most people’s concern is the smell, and that’s certainly a problem, but it’s the bacteria and viruses potentially floating in raw sewage that can create a very dangerous situation. The video below helps explain what’s in sewage water and why cleaning up the mess should always be done by a certified water restoration company!


What should you expect from our emergency sewage damage cleanup company?


An immediate response – day or night!

Like we said, anytime you have sewage damage, you have an emergency on your hands and you need a sewage extraction company that will respond immediately.  That’s why when you call us we can immediately dispatch the closest crew to your home!


A fair price driven by insurance approved rates!

There are some sewage cleaning companies that ‘ballpark’ their estimates based on whatever they think they should charge.  But we offer you a free estimate that is purely determined using estimating software that is insurance-approved!


A full warranty on all work performed for 1 year!

Needing someone to cleanup sewage damage can cause you a lot of stress and create a lot of questions.  One thing you don’t have to question is whether we’ll stand behind the work performed.  That’s because we offer a full year warranty on all labor!


We guarantee the right price for an work performed!


What do we mean by the right price? In our industry, most of our work is covered by insurance. Although it might not be the case with a sewer backup, we still use the same estimating software that adjusters do. The way the software works, it calculates the total cost using already agreed upon reimbursement rates from insurers to tally any services that may need to be performed. Watch the quick video below to see how the estimating process works with us:


Can you save my carpets?


Unfortunately carpet and carpet padding can not be saved once it has experienced sewage damage.  We will have to pull up all of your carpet and padding and safely dispose of it before continuing to extract sewage and make sure your sub-floor is clean and disinfected.  Once everything is clean and dry we can then replace your carpet so it truly is good as new!

The reality when it comes to sewage on carpet is that the cost to extract, dry and clean your carpets and pad is prohibitively expensive, not to mention the fact that despite the best equipment and techniques, carpet’s extremely porous nature means that it’s impossible to fully disinfect and sanitize the affected area!


Will insurance pay for the cost of sewage cleanup services?


The short answer is that in most cases, yes.  The long answer is every insurance policy is different and there could be extenuating circumstances for your loss that might cause the insurance company to balk at your claim.  That being said, we encourage you to do 2 things:

1) Call for help!  Whether your loss is covered or not, you have to begin the sewage removal process immediately.  It’s an extremely toxic situation that must be dealt with by a professional sewage back-up cleaning company.  So call for help and make sure you pick a certified company!

2) Read your policy!  There should be a section discussing water loss which typically outlines what is covered and what isn’t.  Because every insurance company is different, and because policies within insurers can vary, it’s important you read your policy carefully so that you know whether or not your loss is covered!


Can I be in my home during the sewage extraction process?


Ideally, no.  Many of the pathogens that are found in sewage can be transmitted through the air, meaning that it could be the case you’re exposed to a host of viruses and bacteria simply by breathing the air in your home.

But if you call us a 2 in the morning, we understand that it’s unlikely you’re going to have a place to go at that moment.  So one of our immediate goals is to fully contain the affected area so that we can ensure any pathogens that are present are confined to the affected area and that only our staff, who wear head to toe hazmat suits, are able to enter the area.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Grand Rapids area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We handled emergency sewage back-up cleanouts throughout the Grand Rapids MI area.  Whether it’s residential or commercial, our sewage extraction process is the same.  Our Grand Rapids water damage restoration company uses patented equipment and certified techniques to completely remove sewage from your home or office.  We then utilize mildicide to inhibit future mold growth.

We understand needing Grand Rapids sewage removal service can be a traumatizing situation.  That is why we are committed to providing the highest level of sewage cleanup services and the best possible customer service.  Our Grand Rapids basement flood contractors will respond within minutes of your call and can begin the process of cleaning up sewage damage immediately.  We always offer free estimates and are approved by every major insurance provider and can work directly with them to handle the claims process.

So if you have experienced a sewage back-up in Grand Rapids MI and need emergency sewage extraction services you can depend on, please call us now for immediate response and a free, no obligation estimate!

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