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Dealing with standing water in your home or office that is causing damage to your floors, wall, ceilings and possessions? Don’t be fooled into thinking that’s a project you can effectively do on your own. Removing water from a property and ensuring the property is dry is something that should be left to professionals. We provide emergency flood water clean-up services and specialize on offering a fast response, day or night, to your emergency!


Why should you use a professional Grand Rapids water removal company?


So you walked downstairs only to find an inch of standing water in your basement?  When faced with this emergency, some people decide to take on the water removal process themselves.  They do a quick google search and find the winning recipe: scoop out the water and open the windows to let some fresh air in.  Seems easy, right?  Unfortunately extracting water from a property entails much more.


It starts with getting out as much moisture as possible, both on the surface and sub-surface!


It isn’t as easy as soaking up the water that is standing in your property.  Whether it’s on your hardwood floors, carpets, or any where else, there is moisture on the surface but also the sub-surface.  All the moisture must be removed or you’re faced with significant damages down the road and likely will be dealing with a mold issue.  We have sophisticated equipment that can bring up moisture that’s hiding below the surface, whether it’s in your carpet padding or within hardwood floors and the floor foundation.


We can find the moisture, no matter where it’s hidden!


Water damage is like an iceberg…what see ‘above the surface’ is a small part of the total damage.  The dangerous part about doing water extraction yourself is not being able to identify where the water is.  You might be asking, can’t I just see it?  Unfortunately not…see below:

Looking at this wall, it looks fine.  You got up all the water and now it’s fine, right?  Wrong.  It’s soaked, but you can’t tell without using specialized equipment.  We use infrared imaging and moisture meters to meticulously find all water damaged areas so we know where we need to focus our water extraction and structural drying efforts!


We make sure you’re not facing a mold problem in the future!


Black mold is a serious health hazard as well as a stubborn foe.  Once it takes root, it requires a concerted effort to complete remove.  And the scary part is it can start growing within hours of finding a warm, humid, soaked home.  That’s why it’s so important that your property and its contents are properly dried out.  We use the latest equipment available so that we can rapidly dry out your home before mold takes root.  We then use moisture meters routinely to check moisture levels until we’re confident the structure is properly dry.  Lastly, we apply an anti-microbial solution that prevents against any mold growth so you have peace of mind knowing you can put this chapter behind you!

Watch this short video to see our water extraction services in action. Hopefully it will help you see how we can get your house from it’s current state back to its pre-loss condition


Call now for a free estimate!


We’re available anytime you need help and would be happy to come to your property to provide a no obligation estimate for any water removal service you might need.  We can detail our extraction & dry-out processes as well as answer any questions that you might have about us or our services.  The estimate will be in writing and we can even work directly with your insurance provider and bill them so that you don’t have to deal with that headache!

To learn more about the estimate you’ll get from us, watch the short video below:



Curious how the water mitigation process works?


We’ve created another video that explains the common steps employed during the water extraction and structural drying process, as well as the rebuild. Hopefully it helps you understand what to expect and gives you a sense for the amount of manpower and equipment required to truly fix your property after flooding damage.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Grand Rapids area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We provide 24/7 water cleanup services throughout Grand Rapids, including:


Lowell, Belding, Rockford, Cedar Springs, Sparta, Wyoming, Kentwood, Hudsonville, Wayland, Byron Township, Allendale Township, Holland, Hastings and all other cities and townships.


Grand Rapids water damage repair services you can count on are just a phone call away.  We have certified and insured technicians available 24/7 to handle your emergency water extraction and restoration needs.  All calls are live answered and we can respond to your residential or commercial property within minutes to begin extracting water from your property.

It’s important to use a Grand Rapids water damage restoration company that is fully insured and certified to perform any work necessary.  While there are many local restoration companies that advertise as full-service disaster mitigation firms, many do not have the training or equipment to fully restore your property.  That’s where we come in.  With one phone call, our Grand Rapids flood damage experts can be at your property to help get water out of your flooded basement or any other area that might have standing water.  Whether it’s a sewage back-up from a busted sewer pipe or any other flood event, our water damage cleanup company has the resources and experience to get your property dry quickly.

So call us now for a free estimate for any water extraction services you might need, no matter where you are in the Grand Rapids MI area.  We’ll gladly walk through your Grand Rapids property and explain the process we use and can work with your insurance company to make the claims process less of a pain!

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