Minimize water damage by installing leak sensors

Posted by Matt Buchanan

It’s no secret that water damage incidents are on the rise. In fact, the growth in insurance claims has been increasing steadily for decades. As such, a massive industry has formed around preventative measures to prevent home water damage and lessen the amount of claims filed annually. We have discussed many of these systems before, but today we will discuss leak detection systems and leak sensors. These can be an invaluable asset to your home and provide peace of mind knowing that something is ‘on watch’ 24 hours a day protecting your home from expensive water damage.


How do leak sensors prevent home water damage?


leak-defense-system-prevents-home-water-damageLeak sensors can take various shapes and forms, but each has the same goal: discover water leaks as they are happening. In some instances, these sensors can be tied to your home’s main shut off valve and automatically shut off the water to your entire home. In other instances, they may have a mobile application you can use that will alert you to possible problems, allowing you to take the appropriate action. Still others employ a simple sound alarm or using flashing lights to alert you to a problem. It’s important for you to research the options available to you and decide what makes the most sense.

Here are some things you should consider when trying to decide what type of leak sensor to purchase:

One thing that is important to consider is how much time you spend in the home. Are you looking to protect a vacation home that is hundreds of miles away? If so, installing a leak sensor that only alerts you when there is a problem and depends on you to take action may not make sense.

Another factor to consider is whether you just want to be alerted when there is a sudden loss event such as a toilet overflowing or a pipe burst, or whether you want a more comprehensive system that senses gradual leaks that can be hidden behind walls. The latter type of water damage can be extremely devastating for a couple of reasons:

wally-leak-sensor-water-damage-prevention() it can result in extensive damage that most likely will include toxic mold growth.

() it’s not typically covered by your insurer.

If you’re in interested in a more extensive leak sensing system that can help protect you against gradual water damage, there is a new product on the market called Wally that works with the existing electrical wiring inside your walls that may be an attractive option for you.


Save money on your insurance premiums while protecting your home!


Another reason to consider installing leak sensors is to save money on your monthly insurance premiums. In fact, over time your insurance savings will pay for the cost of the system itself, essentially allowing you to have a free water detection system in your home that could end up saving you thousands of dollars by not having to hire a certified water damage company to mitigate a loss you sustained. Doesn’t that sound nice? We thought you might like that!


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