Kansas City MO Basement Flood Clean-up

flood-damage-companyDo you have a wet basement from a recent storm or busted pipe? No matter what the reason, moisture in your basement can cause serious problems if not taken care of professionally. We offer complete basement water extraction, drying & reconstruction services at an affordable rate. We always dispatch a crew immediately to provide you with a free on-site estimate and can even bill our services directly to your insurance company…so give us a call today!


We offer an emergency response around-the-clock!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhen you’ve experienced basement flooding damage, the best thing to do is call for professional help immediately.  Delaying the cleanup and drying process will only cause more damage to your property.  By calling us, you’re guaranteed a 60 minute or less response time, no matter what time you place the call!

We get wet basements dry fast – guaranteed!


Call now & get a free, no obligation estimate!


photo_free_estimatesWhen you call us we leap to action, and the first step is to give you a firm price for the cost of any basement water extraction & restoration services you might need.  To do that, we need to inspect your flooded basement and catalogue what needs to be done to restore it, at which point we can provide you a cost estimate!

Just call for a no obligation, on-site quote!

You should never have to pay too much for basement water damage services, and with RestorationEze, you won’t have to. How are we so confident? Because our estimators are trained to use the same estimating software as your insurance adjuster, ensuring the cost of any mitigation work is fair and based upon the acceptable rates within our industry. Watch this quick video to learn more:


We hire the best techs & use the latest equipment!


CertificateIconWhen it comes to basement flood repair, there’s simply no way to cut corners and get the job done effectively.  It’s why we go to great lengths to ensure the technicians serving you are safe & qualified and that they are equipped with the best systems.  All techs are drug-free & screened, & of course certified and insured!

We’re serious about providing great service to you!


We dry basements before black mold grows!


cautionMost customers are shocked to find out just how quickly black mold can begin growing in their basement after flooding.  And they’re even more shocked to find out how much it costs to have mold professionally removed.  We get moisture out quickly and apply fungicides to stop mold in its tracks!

Call us before you have a black mold problem!


All cleanup services are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeAny KC water damage company can promise great service, but how many providers actually guarantee it?  The process of cleaning up basement flooding is complex, and requires the right equipment and attention to detail.  We make sure the job is done right throughout every phase, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Our job isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied!


How do we ensure a dry, safe & healthy basement?


The process for recovering from a basement flood can seem daunting, and if you’ve never had to go through it before, you’re probably clueless as to what it takes to get it dry. It’s why we created this quick video that highlights the top-level actions we take to get property’s dry quickly!


Flooding isn’t just a bad thing for your basement, it can be deadly. Every year, more fatalities occur due to flash flooding than any other type of natural disaster. We see our jobs as not just restoring properties but providing safety for you and your family. As such, we want to point out some good resources to help you prevent damage to your home as well as prepare for any emergency flooding situations.


Mitigate your risks of a basement flood


While all bets are off during a natural disaster like widespread flooding, the reality is that most basements get wet for reasons that can mostly be avoided. Here are some simple things you should do to help keep water out of your basement:


Make sure that your gutters are clean and that you have downspouts on them.

bad-guttersHave you ever watched your gutters during a rain storm? Is water spilling over the top of them or behind them and down your fascia? Or is it collecting the water properly but then depositing it right next to your home because you haven’t installed downspouts? Gutters’ purpose is to keep water away from your home and thus out of your basement. If they aren’t doing that, eventually you’ll get enough ground water next to your foundation and it will find its way into your basement.


Make sure to grade the slope of your yard away from the house.

It won’t matter if your gutters are working properly if the end result is the water simply runs back towards your foundation. This can happen when the grade of your yard slopes back down towards the house. Ideally, you will have a 1 inch decline for every foot for 10 feet. Grading the slope is a very easy way to stop basement flooding, so take some time during the warm summer months to get it done!


Consider waterproofing the basement & installing a sump pump.

sump pumpIf you do the steps above, you should be able to keep water away from your basement foundation walls. But sometimes those steps aren’t enough. If you have unfinished basement walls, you can consider applying some waterproofing membranes to the walls to act as a last line of defense. You should also seriously consider installing a basement sump pump. While it can be somewhat expensive, especially if you don’t already have the pit and drainage channel, it’s a lot cheaper than needing to have your basement water damage professional mitigated.

Is your Kansas City MO basement flooded?  If so, you need a professional flood damage repair company you can trust.  We offer day & night flooded basement emergency service designed to get your property dry fast.  Flooded basement in KC means you’ve got a problem.  The longer the water is in your home or office, the more water damage that can occur.  Our Kansas City water damage restoration team can arrive within minutes of your call to begin the water extraction process.

We use the best vacuuming systems and industrial strength drying equipment so that you can feel confident the water is gone for good.  Not only that, but our basement flood extraction crews also utilize mold prevention techniques to ensure your basement doesn’t end up suffering a mold problem.

So if you are dealing with a flooded basement in Kansas City MO, please call us now and we can dispatch a flood damage restoration crew to help get you back to normal fast!

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