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Fire-damageThe moments during and after a fire can be chaotic, and there is a lot of fear and anxiety about what comes next.  We understand what you’re going through, and we can help.  While this is something you’re probably dealing with for the first time, it’s something we deal with routinely.  We have the team, resources, and skills required to get your fire damaged home or business completely repaired quickly and cost-effectively.

24/7 Kansas City, MO Fire Damage Restoration Services!


It takes professional help to cleanup after a fire…


Any amount of fire damage or smoke damage should be inspected by a professional fire & water damage company.  Why?  Because only a certified restoration contractor will be able to fully assess your loss, work with your insurance company, and ensure the home or commercial building is deemed safe.  DIY cleanup & restoration is an accident waiting to happen…here’s what we can do for you!



You get a free estimate & a fair rate – no smoke & mirrors!


Free_EstimatesWhen you give us a call we can send out our estimator to provide you with a free fire damage cleanup estimate.  He’ll be able to survey the damage and explain your options, as well as walk you through what to expect from start to finish.  It’s also an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you have, as well as get some answers to question you haven’t thought to ask.  Once done, we’ll present a written estimate fore the fire mitigation work required.


You get certified services from insured technicians!


CertificateIconProperly mitigating a loss is about providing safety. After all, if the work is not done correctly, your property may still be susceptible to problems and your family may still be at risk.  It’s why we simply must perform any fire & smoke damage restoration services according to the right procedures and all of our technicians must be insured.  While that it isn’t a given with some fire damage restoration companies, it is should you choose us!


You get help with your claim & direct insurance billing!


bill-directIn most cases we are able to successfully file and settle claims for our fire restoration services.  Our staff works directly with insurers each day…in fact, we probably know your adjuster and have worked with them in the past.  So we are very accustomed to what they will need from us and can work hand-in-hand with them to speedily resolve your insurance claim.

In fact, we can bill our fire damage restoration work directly to them!


All after fire cleanup services are guaranteed!


It’s your property and you deserve to know that the restoration contractor you are choosing is going to do the work right.  While that seems like a given, with some companies it isn’t.  Some couldn’t care less how happy you are…they are only there to collect a check from insurance.

Bsatisfaction-guaranteeut choose us for your fire damage cleaning needs and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.  Whether it’s a smaller fire in a kitchen that has caused some minor fire & soot damage or a large blaze that has left your home uninhabitable, we guarantee that when we’re done you will be completely satisfied with our work!


How do you know our technicians are capable?


We can offer you the fastest mitigation times and the strongest warranties in the business, but it won’t mean much if we can’t ensure your safety and stand behind the quality of our employees.  We know they are the bedrock of our KC fire damage company and that we are only as good as they are.  It’s why we…

checklist() drug-test every technician randomly throughout the entirety of their employment

() insure them so that you’re protected against any accidents that could happen

() perform a thorough background screening before hiring

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    And many, many more...
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