Kansas City MO Flood Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyFloods can ravage your property and devastate your life. Sadly we see the effects of flooding damage daily, but we also see the impact fast, affordable flood cleanup services can have. We’re committed to helping you when you need help the most by providing quality flood mitigation services at honest prices. All of our technicians are insured & certified, we always stand by our work, and of course offer no obligation cost estimates for free!


Getting affordable flooding restoration service is easy!


While discovering damage from a flood is never easy, the process of getting your home or business restored doesn’t have to be.  Our goal is to take all of the headaches out of the flooding repair process, from start to finish!


Step 1: One call and we’re on the way


24-7-emergency-serviceBy calling now, you’re guaranteed a fast response…there’s simply no other way to respond to an emergency situation like flooding damage.  It’s why we make sure crews are scattered throughout the KC metro area and are on-call around the clock.  Call now and we’ll have a fully stocked truck onsite within 20-60 minutes.

Call us now if you need an immediate response!


Step 2: Get a upfront & firm estimate for free


photo_free_estimatesOur project manager will be happy to provide you with an upfront estimate for any flooding cleanup & repair work that might be necessary.  In order to give you an accurate estimate, he’ll need to come out and visually assess your loss to determine what steps need to be taken to mitigate the loss and repair your property!

There’s never an obligation – just call for a free quote!

Let us take the guesswork out of the estimating process by providing you with an insurance-approved estimate from Xactimate:


Step 3: Get certified service from qualified technicians


CertificateIconWe make sure every facet of the mitigation process is done correctly and according to the standards set by the IICRC.  While some flood restoration companies might cut corners or use old techniques, we make sure our licensed, insured & certified technicians do things according to the latest & most proven methods.

Don’t end up with shoddy work – it will cost in the long run!

Curious what certified, professional flooding restoration service entails? Watch the video below to get a better sense for what you can expect:


Step 4: We send the bill to your insurer


bill-directDon’t stress about having to pay upfront for our services.  As an added convenience to our customers, we offer the option of direct insurance billing for losses that are covered by your homeowners insurance policy.  That means you don’t have to pay out of pocket and wait for a reimbursement check…we’ll handle the bill!

Don’t end up paying out of pocket!


Step 5: All work is guaranteed


1-yr-warrantyWe do everything possible to make a bad situation better.  From our customer service, promptness, and attention to detail, our goal is nothing less than your complete satisfaction.  In fact, it comes standard with any job we complete.  But we don’t stop there…we offer a unique extended warranty on our work!

Get a full year warranty on our labor at no extra cost!


Flooding FAQs


What is the difference between flooding damage and water damage?

insurance-claim-formTo you, there may not be a difference. Water has caused damage to your home and you need it fixed. But to your insurer, it makes all the difference in the world as to whether or not they are going to pay for the damages. To an insurer, water damage occurs when there is a sudden leak or malfunction that results in the property becoming wet while flooding damage is the result of water from outside your home entering the property.

Why is that important? Under a standard home owners policy, water damage is usually covered while flooding damage is not.


Will I get mold?

If the water mitigation process doesn’t begin immediately, the answer is most likely yes. Mold growth after flooding is simply a matter of science. Mold spores, while present naturally in any environment, become a health hazard when they have enough moisture to feed off of and begin spreading. In most cases, it only takes a couple of days.

While mold is a natural by-product of flood damage, it does not need to happen. In fact, we guarantee your property will be free from harmful levels of mold once we’ve completed the flood damage repair process.


How do I stay safe during & after flooding?

mo_floodAmong natural disasters, flooding is the single greatest source of fatalities within the US. It’s dangerous, and every year it costs lives. The State Emergency Management Agency has some good tips for what to do before, during & after a flood to keep you safe and protect your home. We highly encourage you to visit that page and take the proactive steps necessary to keep you safe. No one thinks it will happen to them until it does, but the knowledge you gain now can save your life.


We deal with flood damaged homes and offices throughout the KC area on a daily basis.  Because of this experience, we understand the emotional toll a flood can take on you.  That’s why our Kansas City MO water damage restoration experts #1 goal is to help get you and your residential property back to normal quickly!  We are experts in flooding restoration and have seen everything.  From Kansas City MO basement floods caused by leaky pipes to massive commercial losses from heavy rain storms.

No matter what the job, our water removal & restoration pros have the equipment, resources & skills to dry out your property fast.  Help is just a call away!

Regardless of when you call, you’ll always speak to a live Kansas City restoration technician and we can dispatch a truck to your property immediately.  Our sewage-backup crews offer free estimates & we are insurance approved.  This means our Kansas City flood damage experts can work with your insurance company and help take the headache out of navigating the insurance claims process!

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