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flood-damage-companyWhen a water or sewage back-up emergency strikes, you need a coordinated effort to remove the moisture and ensure the home is clean, dry, and safe. It takes a fast response, proven techniques, the right equipment, and trained professionals. If your home or office building has experienced flooding damage, please call now for an immediate response and free estimate! All of our work is backed by the best guarantees and warranties in the industry!


A to Z water mitigation services you can trust!


We pride ourselves in offering complete water mitigation & restoration services.  That includes being prompt and professional, honoring our work, communicating throughout the process, and helping through the claims process.  Here’s what we think makes our service offerings unique:


We have the resources to respond immediately


24-7-emergency-serviceWhile that might seem like a prerequisite for an emergency water cleanup company, there are many providers out there with only one crew or with a limited supply of equipment.  That means if they’re on a job, you have to wait, which you can’t afford.  But call us and we’ll dispatch a crew to be there within 1 hour!

You can’t afford to wait around – 24/7 fast service!


We offer affordable pricing – no bait & switch


photo_free_estimatesAll of our estimates are driven by a software called Xactimate.  It’s the exact same estimating software that all insurance adjusters use, as well as other water damage companies.  That means you know the free & upfront cost estimate we provide you is fair and that it shouldn’t vary with other companies!

Call now & get your free onsite estimate today!

When you need a simple, straightforward & honest estimate to cleanup water and dry out your home, please call us. We use the same software that all insurance adjusters use to quote out our services. We provide a detailed, line-item estimate using the same prices your adjuster has already agreed to pay. Here is how it works:


Service from certified & insured field techs


CertificateIconWould you be surprised to learn that many “restoration technicians” have no formal training in the industry?  Many simply don’t understand the nature of water mitigation and haven’t mastered the equipment they’re tasked with using to save your property.  But all of our technicians are certified & insured!

We know what it takes to provide great service to you!


We use the best equipment & can dry out any moisture


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgYou’d be pleasantly surprised at just how effective our water extraction & structural drying equipment can be.  We have an extensive arsenal of drying equipment, all specifically manufactured to dry out various types of surfaces quickly with minimal intrusion.  Our goal is always to save your surfaces without having to tear out areas!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can dry out your property!

We’ve got the water mitigation process down to a science. Why? Because we hire and train the best employees and we make sure they have the tools they need to be great at their job. If you’re curious what that looks like once we get onsite and fire up our equipment, watch the video below:


Before you call insurance, call us!


bill-directAll too often insurance companies have arrangements with providers that promise low prices, but along with that comes shoddy work.  You don’t have to use a ‘recommended provider’ from your adjuster.  Call us and you’re guaranteed great service & we can even send our bill to the insurance company!

We are approved by all major insurance providers!


Are there any issues I could run into with my insurer?


contractor-customerYes, there are several things that can create stumbling blocks in the insurance claim process. It’s why you always want a water mitigation company on your side, advocating for you, and making sure that every possible avenue has been taken to get a positive settlement out of your claim. Here are just a few things that can cause you grief when it comes to a water damage insurance claim.


Confusion on what water cleanup company to use…

Some times the biggest problem can occur right out of the gate when you call your adjuster and they tell you to use XYZ company. One, that isn’t legal and certainly isn’t ethical. Two, it’s important for you to know why they want you to use that water extraction contractor. Namely, because they’re cheap. That company has an unspoken agreement in place with your adjuster to charge a lot less than what they should charge for the job and they probably spend quite a bit of money wining and dining them every month. Does that sound like a business arrangement that benefits you?

You do not have to use the restoration company your adjuster refers you to! In fact, you owe it to yourself to make sue and hire the company you feel will provide the highest level of service to you!


Fully or partially denied claim…

Claims shouldn’t ever be denied if the loss is due to a sudden event originating from within the property’s structure. Things like:

Burst Pipe-causes-water-damage() a washing machine overflowing

() a refrigerator’s water line coming loose and leaking

() a dishwasher malfunctioning

() a water heater leaking

() a toilet clogging and overflowing

() a pipe bursting within your wall

() even a bathtub left running should all be covered.

But often times issues arise when your property has sustained a slow leak over time and the insurer denies the claim. While we can’t tell the insurer what to do, we can advocate on your behalf. Remember, you are our client, not your insurer. We will do everything within our power to diagnose the cause of the loss and then explain to the adjuster what happened in our professional opinion.


Reliable Kansas City MO water extraction services are just a phone call away.  Our Kansas City crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You will always speak with a live representative in Kansas City, and we can provide response within 30 minutes in most cases.  If your Kansas City home or office building has standing water, whether it’s in a flooded basement or other area, an immediate response is the most important thing.

If you call us, you can rest easy knowing the Kansas City water damage restoration team will respond quickly to immediately begin drying out your property and any items that have been affected.  Using the latest techniques and the best equipment, our technicians stand behind all of their work with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!  That means your property will be completely dried out or they’ll come back and fix any issues!

Call now and speak with a representative that can dispatch a crew in your area.  They’ll walk through your property to assess all of the damage and can work directly with your insurance to make the process as easy as possible.  So call our Kansas City flood damage restoration crew now for a rapid response and a completely free estimate for any dry out services needed!

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