Jackson MS Sewage Backup Cleanup

When a sewer line backs up, the job of cleaning up the waste and restoring the damage should always be done by professionals! If it’s happened to you, please give us a call instead of trying to cleanup the raw sewage yourself. It’s fraught with danger and the consequences of doing it wrong are just too severe. We offer 24/7 emergency sewage cleaning services and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and onsite damage assessment. Just give us a call!


Why is a sewage backup dangerous?


Raw sewage can contain any number of harmful viruses, bacteria or other pathogens. It’s not uncommon for sewage water to be a vessel for things such as Hepatitis-A, E-coli, Cholera, and many other potentially harmful agents. That means when it comes to cleaning up the mess, safety is of the utmost importance. To understand more the implications of cleaning up sewage backups on your health, watch the video below:


Why should I hire RestorationEze to cleanup my property?


There are many water damage companies in the Jackson, MS area, and as a customer it’s a great thing that you have options. But it’s also the case that many of those options have no business even being in your home, much less attempting the mitigation process. Many of these supposedly ‘professional’ companies make no effort whatsoever to ensure they hire reputable people nor do they invest in the training necessary to make sure they’re capable of handling the important job of restoring your property after sewage damage has occurred. At RestorationEze, our goal is to be of value and assistance to you when you have a sewer backup emergency. As such, these are just a few of the things you can expect from us:


Immediate help when you need it!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgGiven the serious nature of your loss, and the potential for it to make you sick, an immediate response isn’t just ideal, it’s absolutely necessary. That’s why when you pick up the phone, you need to count on someone on the other end of the line being ready to help. With some providers, they don’t even answer your call, much less make your emergency their priority. But we always respond immediately to your call and can be at your house or place of business within 1 hour!


Fair & honest pricing – always free estimates!


Free_EstimatesThe estimating process for sewage cleaning should always be done using insurance-approved pricing. While most sewage backups aren’t covered by a standard insurance policy, that doesn’t mean the mitigation company you hire should be able to charge whatever they want or hike up their rates based on your dire situation. With us, we only charge the going rate for any services provided, as determined by a 3rd party estimating software.

When it comes to estimating losses, the Xactimate systems ensures you get the right price each and every time. Watch the video below to see for yourself how it works and why our customers know they’re getting a fair price when they call us:


Exceptional sewage cleanup services from great people!


CertificateIconWe are only as good as the people that help you. We understand that while too many companies simply don’t. That’s why we devote so many resources to hiring and screening people for employment and then educating and training them to succeed while on the job. The result is the technicians called to your home will always be pre-screened for a criminal background as well as certified as water damage restoration professionals. The job is too important and your safety is too precious to take chances!


Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe always guarantee that when our work is done you’ll be completely happy. If that’s not the case, we still have more work to do. So when you call us, know that when we’re done you’ll be happy and your home will be properly cleaned, disinfected and fully restored. No questions asked, we always make sure you’re happy! Unlike some restoration companies, we’ll actually stand by the work of our technicians!

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