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water-extraction-serviceOur company can help you after your property has suffered flooding damage.  Whether it’s from rains, a busted pipe, a kitchen or bath sink overflowing, or any other water loss, we have everything necessary to get the property fixed so you can move on with your life!  While it can seem overwhelming, that’s why we are here.  Our water mitigation company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we are always happy to provide you with a no obligation, free onsite water damage assessment.

Emergency Jackson, MS water removal services!


We make the process of getting you property dry as easy as 1-2-3..


1. We give you a free estimate – competitive price guaranteed!


Free_EstimatesOur job is to provide great service that you can trust, and do it a price that is fair.  But what’s fair?  Restoration companies in Jackson should be using the same estimating software to calculate the cost of your job.  Why?  Because most of our work falls under insurance repairs, where the insurance company pays for our work.  So because of that, we actually don’t decide our prices, but rather charge the amount they reimburse for any labor or materials required.

Here’s a video explaining how we estimate your job:

As you can see, we make it stress free.  We give you the cost your adjuster will agree to, and it should be the same cost any other reputable water removal company would offer so you only need one quote.


2. You get certified service – satisfaction guarantee!


CertificateIconFor us, it isn’t about just getting things done so we can collect an insurance check.  But that’s not the case with some water extraction contractors in the area.  The dirty truth about our industry is that it’s full of companies that aren’t interested in providing great service because they don’t see you as their customer.  They do what’s necessary to maintain relationships with insurers, but servicing the customer is secondary.

Our goal is to provide great water mitigation services.  And to do that, we make sure we’ve hire and provided exceptional training to every technician.  They’re fully certified to handle whatever your flooding damage might throw at them.

satisfaction-guaranteeIn fact, we’re so confident in the work they perform that you get a complete satisfaction guarantee.  It works like this: when we’ve completed the job, we survey the area with you, explaining what we’ve done, and don’t consider the project truly complete unless you sign a satisfaction letter stating we’ve done the job to your expectations!  How’s that for peace of mind?  Before we show up, we promise that when it’s all said and done you’ll be happy!


3. We bill your insurance company – not you!


bill-directInstead of leaving you out to dry with your insurance claim, we help you through that process.  Most water cleanup services are covered under some sort of insurance policy.  Whether it’s homeowners insurance, commercial catastrophe insurance, or flood insurance, we can work with the adjuster assigned to your claim and make sure the claim goes smoothly.  And instead of collecting payment for our emergency water removal services from you, we send the invoice to them and settle the payment with them directly!

We understand the importance of a rapid response to your Jackson water removal emergency. It’s why we offer 24/7 service throughout the Jackson area and free estimates for any Jackson water cleanup services you might need. Each Jackson technician is licensed, insured & has undergone extensive water extraction training, ensuring your Jackson property will be dried out properly!

Water Removal

For years, our Jackson water removal technicians have been helping residents & businesses get water out of their property. We specialize in around-the-clock response to any water removal situation you might have!


Water Extraction

Professional Jackson water extraction services should make the flood damage process as painfree as possible. If you are in Jackson and need a water extraction company, please call us today for a free estimate!


Water Cleanup

In need of Jackson water cleanup services that are fast, reliable & that you can trust? Then please call us! We specialize in serving Jackson customers that need rapid water clean-up services and always offer you a free estimate!

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