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mold-inspectionDo you see black mold in your property?  Chances are, it’s toxic and could be affecting the health of people exposed to it.  Mold contains mycotoxins, and in high enough levels, it can wreak havoc on your body.  Not to mention, it literally eats your home, feeding on your walls, floors, ceilings, and anything else organic in nature.  Suffice it to say, if you’ve got mold damage, you always want to consult a Charlotte mold removal contractor that is certified and can help you understand your options!


When you see mold damage, always consult professionals!


cautionMildew and mold or organisms that grow rapidly in the right environment. Unfortunately for us, Charlotte presents the perfect environment.  Humid temperatures plus the introduction of moisture and you’ve got a recipe for toxic mold.  And despite whatever DIY internet articles you’ve read, it is not as easy as scrubbing down the area with bleach.

In fact, that’s just going to cause more problems as it kicks up black mold spores into the air, where they’ll eventually find a home somewhere else in the property that was perfectly fine previously.  If you’re dealing with mold, please give us or another Charlotte mold remediation company a call so that you can get a clearer picture of what you’re up against and your best options moving forward!


Why do I have mold growth in my property?


black-moldMany people aren’t clear on the circumstances that led to mold, which is something that needs to be addressed during the mitigation process.  Essentially, mold grows at elevated levels when it has something to eat (your walls, floors, etc.), has the right temperatures, and there is moisture.  With those factors, and a little bit of time, you’ll get mold.  In fact, in many cases water damage restoration companies will notify you’ve past the “mold threshold” if you had flooding at least 48 hours prior to calling for help.  That’s how quickly it can grow!

As you can probably tell, moisture is the controlling factor.  In other words, that is the thing that we can control and that’s the thing that will result in mold growth if not controlled.  So we not only remove mold damage and disinfect your property from top to bottom, we also diagnose what type of moisture issue you are facing and address that.  If we didn’t you would just end up with more mold later on…not good!


How we professional mitigate mold damage…


Diagnose the loss

Our first job is to truly understand what you’re up against.  To do that, we send out a mold professional to visually assess the loss.  He or she can provide a complete assessment and outline the steps that will need to be taken to remediate the property.


Contain the mold

If you would hire us to provide Charlotte mold removal services, we can begin by containing the mold.  This means making sure that we’ve created an air-tight seal around the molded areas so that spores are sent elsewhere during the next steps.


Remove, clean & disinfect

Once we’ve sealed the area, we can get to work ridding the property of mold.  In many cases, we have to remove drywall or subfloors to get to all of the mold.  In any event, we physically remove as much visible mold as possible, then spray down the area with a mildewcide.  We also use negative ion systems that blast the air with particles that attach to mold spores and force them to the ground where we can remove them safely.


Reconstruct the area

Once we’ve eliminated the mold growth and fully disinfected area, we put your property back together.  We replace drywall, carpets, or any other surfaces or structures that had to be removed during the process.


Environmental test

satisfaction-guaranteeThe last thing that needs to be done before you can rest easy knowing your home has a clean bill of health is to get a 3rd party test.  They’ll be able to collect air samples and determine with pin point accuracy the mold spore levels in your home.  And we guarantee, your property will pass that test with flying colors.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!

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