Durham NC Sewage Cleanup

Backed-up sewer lines can be caused by many things…tree roots entering your sewer line causing a blockage, or even heavy rains overwhelming the city sewer system causing the sewage to back-up into your home. But no matter why it’s happened, if you’ve got standing sewage in your home or business, it’s important that it’s cleaned up immediately! We’re a Durham sewage cleaning company that specializes in offering affordable, emergency services and we always offer free estimates!


Guaranteed fast sewage removal!


You shouldn’t have to wait around when you’ve found a sewage back-up.  In fact, it’s dangerous to simply be in the home when there’s exposure to sewage water.  So when it happens, you need a sewage extraction company that can respond immediately!

We also offer a guaranteed immediate response time!


Always upfront & free estimates – very affordable rates!


The cost of sewage removal services is always determined by your insurance company’s reimbursement rates.  In other words, we use a claims software that allows to enter the amount of sewage damage, what needs to be done to restore everything, and it spits out the price!

We always give you a fair price & upfront estimate!


Curious how the estimating process works? With us, there’s no bait and switch or inflated rates. In fact, we use the same software to estimate the loss as an insurance adjuster would. What that means is that our price is determined by standard pricing. Watch this video to see what you can expect with a RestorationEze sewage cleanup estimate in Durham:


Want sewage removal service you can depend on?


Then call us!  We’re one of the only Durham NC sewage cleanup companies around that not only gives each customer a satisfaction guarantee, but we also offer each customer a 1 year warranty on the sewage extraction work we perform.  How’s that for peace of mind?

Choose us and choose a company you can trust!


Certified service from drug-free & screened technicians!


Hey, if we wouldn’t want our technicians in our home or around our family, we’re sure not going to let them into your home.  That’s why every technician is rigorously background-screened & continually drug-tested, not to mention fully certified to repair sewage damage!

We hire the best technicians & make sure they’re fully certified!


Did you know we can bill the insurance company?


Assuming your sewage back-up is covered under your insurance policy (whether through your standard homeowners or an additional rider to your policy), we’re an insurance-approved sewage cleaning company in Durham.  That means we can just bill them directly for the work provided!

So choose us and we’ll handle your claim!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Durham area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Sewage damage losses and insurance claims


insurance-claim-formInsurance claims can be tricky when it comes to raw sewage. The reason is because most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover losses that are the result of water entering your home from outside the home. Why does that matter when it comes to sewage backups? Because in many cases, the water is coming from outside your property’s walls and shooting up through your main line pipe and into your home.

How will you know if you’re covered or not? If you have added a sewage backup rider to your policy, you’re covered, regardless of the source of the blockage. If not, It’s important to determine the source of the blockage, if any, and make sure the issue is well documented through photos. Sewage cleanup can be expensive, so it’s best to always have a team of professionals that can properly diagnose the loss.


Did you know kitchen grease is one of the leading causes of sewer backups?


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineRemember when your parents always kept that nasty jar of grease under the sink? Like most things, parents know best! And if at some point in your life you decided you could pour grease down your kitchen sink, shame on you! Grease will block your main pipe and eventually cause enough of a blockage that your toilets will overflow and send raw sewage into your bathroom. So follow your parents’ lead and get back to pouring grease and oils into a mason jar and throwing it out with the trash. You’ll save yourself a huge headache down the road!


Anytime, day or night, that you’ve experienced a sewage back-up in your property, we are here to help.  We specialize in Durham emergency sewage extraction services and can be at your property within 30 minutes to begin the clean-up process.  If you have experienced a messy situation in your residence or office building, and there is standing wastewater that needs to be extracted, time is crucial!  The more it sits, the greater it puts you at a health risk and the more damage it causes to your structure!

Call us today and a certified Durham flood damage restoration crew can be there in minutes to provide you with a free estimate.

We can begin the water extraction process immediately and our Durham sewage back-up crews can even work with your insurand company to handle the billing.  Each of our water damage restoration in Durham crews is fully certified to perform any sewage back-up removal service you might need.  They use the industrial strength equipment to get out any wastewater from your Durham property and can then use the best drying equipment to dry out your floors, walls and property items.  So if you’re in the area and need an immediate response to your sewage back-up emergency, call us now for a free estimate and rapid response!

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