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Removing sewage from your property and then restoring the affected area is never something you should do on your own. It’s simply not a DIY project! Any amount of raw sewage in your property calls for professional sewage cleanup services! We offer complete Greensboro sewage backup removal services that are guaranteed to get your home or business completely clean and safe quickly! Call us anytime for a fast response and free estimate!


24/7 Sewage Back-up Cleaning Services!


We’ve got the struts in place to immediately respond to your sewage flood damage emergency.  With crews throughout the area, we’ll dispatch the closest on-call technician to your home.  We realize the urgency of a sewage damage call and make sure that we can respond quickly whenever it happens to you!

So call now for an immediate response!

Can you properly cleanup sewer water? If you think the answer is yes, we really hope you will watch the video below. We don’t try and scare people, but it’s our responsibility to make people aware of the challenges and dangers that come with cleaning up sewer backups. Please watch the video below if you’re even thinking about taking on the cleanup process yourself:


Always upfront prices & free cost estimates!


When you’re faced with sewage damage and are in need of professional help to get your property restored, we’re happy to send out a crew to provide you with a free estimate.  Our technicians can discuss the loss in detail with you and explain the Greensboro sewage cleaning process and answer your questions!

We offer free, upfront estimates at affordable rates!

Our estimate is generated using Xactimate! ‘So what’ you say…ok, allow us to explain. Whether or not your loss is covered by insurance, we use the same software they do to estimate every aspect of the cleanup process. That means the price is calculated using insurance-approved prices…it’s not us just throwing out a number, it’s the price that insurers deem is right. Watch this video if you want to learn more:


Never any doubt that the work will be done correctly!


If you choose us as your Greensboro sewage removal company, you’ll not only get exceptional service and friendly customer service, but you’ll get peace of mind.  Why?  Any sewage extraction service we do is guaranteed to make you 100% satisfied…but the peace of mind doesn’t stop there!

We back our work with a 1 year warranty!


We help with your insurance claim & offer insurance billing!


Many times a sewage back-up will be covered under insurance.  Each insurance company’s policies are different, and some require an additional rider on your policy to protect against sewage extraction losses.  But if your loss is covered, our trained staff can handle your claim directly with your adjuster.

In fact, we can even bill the insurance company directly!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Greensboro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Why do sewer lines backup & how can I stop it?


While it might mean less business for us, at the end of the day our job is to help people. And if that help comes in the form of preventing sewage damage, so be it! Here’s the most common reasons people find themselves in a pickle when it comes to raw sewage in their home:

roots_in_pipeA clogged sewer line – the 2 most common reasons for a sewer line clogging is 1) home occupants putting the wrong things down their drain and 2) tree roots. Click on the link to see what you can do to make sure your pipes remain healthy and also consider having your line snaked once a year to clear out any tree roots or other debris that might end up causing a total blockage.

An overflow – in some areas, the municipality has an antiquated sewer system called a combined system, named as such because it combines storm drainage and sewage in the same pipe. Why is that bad? Because when there is a lot of water due to a storm runoff, the pipes become taxed and the water escapes up your main line and into your home. How do you prevent it? Install a backflow prevention device!


We remove sewage & cleanup properties to their original state!


A sewage loss is classified as a black water category loss.  Of the 3 loss types, it’s the worst.  Water losses are rated on the likelihood of making someone sick.  Sewage back-ups can host hundreds of disease-causing pathogens that can infect anyone exposed to it.

That’s why any sewage back-up cleaning efforts should be done by professionals that have the proper training, equipment, and safety gear.  Sewage back-up removal services are dictated by strict mitigation protocols designed to protect you, your home, and our employees.  We follow those protocols to a T because you can’t cut corners when it comes to cleaning up sewer backups.


We guarantee you’ll be happy with our sewage cleaning service!


satisfaction-guaranteeThere might be some water damage companies that promise the moon, but we actually stand behind the work our technicians perform. How? We make sure you’re completely satisfied with the work they’ve done before your project is considered complete. If you aren’t, we fix whatever issue there is and make sure you sign off on the project and that you are 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done before we head off to the next job!


If you’re in need of emergency sewage cleaning, you’re in the right place.  With 1 call, our Greensboro water damage restoration crews can be at your door to help get a messy situation cleaned up.  Sewer back-ups can be a nasty situation, and for your home or office, they can get worse if not dealt with immediately.  That’s why we specialize in providing immediate Greensboro NC sewer back-up services day or night.

Whether it’s a water removal emergency or some other flooding, you need expert help.  We have the resources and appropriate skills to ensure the water extraction process is done correctly.  If you need professional sewer back-up service, call the best in Greensboro!

We’re here when you need us, ready to ensure your Greensboro sewer back-up extraction process goes smoothly and that your home or office is dried out and cleaned up for good!  Each of our sewage restoration crews offers free estimates on your backed-up sewer cleanup service so there is no obligation.

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