Omaha Water Removal & Extraction

flood-damage-companyThere is only one thing that must be done by you if you’ve discovered flooding damage in your property:  make the call for professional help.  We are a full-service water mitigation company offering affordable rates, fast service performed by certified technicians, and insurance billing assistance.  If you need emergency water removal services, please call us now for an immediate response!


24/7 water extraction services in Omaha, NE!


24-7-emergency-serviceGot home from a late movie to find a flooded house?  No problem, we’re available around the clock and can be at your property within minutes.  It’s that type of speed that is necessary to truly provide emergency water cleanup services, but all too often it’s lacking from other restoration companies in Omaha.

Call us and we’re on our way to assist you!


We offer free on-site quotes & there’s no obligation!


photo_free_estimatesWithout properly assessing your loss we can’t provide you with any sort of cost estimate to remove water & dryout your property.  So to be able to provide you with a firm & upfront estimate, we send out a certified technician that can personally measure and read the loss and then provide you with an estimate for our work!

The quote is always free – just call!


We can get water out of almost any surface!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgIf the water damage has just occurred, chances are pretty good that we have the right water extraction equipment to salvage virtually any surface type.  Wet carpets (assuming the water isn’t filled with bacteria), wood floors, ceilings and dry wall…you name it, and we can usually salvage it if we get there fast enough!  The key is making the call quickly before permanent damage occurs!


injectidry-water-damage-wood-floor-systemWater damaged wood floors

Often times the culprit is a refrigerator water line or a dish washing machine.  If they’ve caused a kitchen flood and you have water on your hardwood floors, please be aware the only way to be sure they can be saved is calling for professional help.  We have the right extraction & drying systems to save your wood floors!


water-extraction-261x300Wet carpets

If your carpets have been soaked by grey or black water (think water that has come from outside the home or from a sewage back-up), the rule of thumb is they must be tossed.  But if it’s clean water, we have “wands” and weighted extraction systems that allow us to suck up virtually all of the moisture in one fell swoop!



Most people assume that we will need to “flood cut” their walls so that we can dry out the studs behind the wall, but in many cases that isn’t necessary.  We have minimally invasive drying systems that can push hot dry air behind your walls so that we don’t need to tear them out and have them replaced, costing time & money!


Omaha water cleanup services are just a phone call away! If you’re in the Omaha area and have a flooded basement or wet area, and you need an Omaha water removal contractor you can trust, please call us now! We’ll provide a free estimate and rapid response for your Omaha water extraction needs!

Water Removal

Need emergency water removal services in the Omaha area? If so, please call us now for a free estimate for removing water! Our Omaha water removal companies specialize in providing a rapid response to your emergency!


Water Extraction

Have you walked into your home of office in Omaha only to find standing water? We specialize in emergency water extraction services designed to fully dry out and restore your Omaha property. Call us now and speak with one of our Omaha extraction specialists and schedule a free estimate!


Water Cleanup

Residential or commercial Omaha water cleanup services are specialty industries. We understand the complexities of water cleanup in Omaha because it’s what we do. We always offer free estimates and stand behind any Omaha water clean-up work we perform!

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