Concord NH Basement Flood Clean-up

flood-damage-companyNo amount of water in a basement is a match for our experience, skills & personnel. We’ve literally seen it all! So if you a flooded basement and aren’t sure where to turn, we hope you’ll call us so we can help you get dry again! Our emergency water restoration services are designed to give you peace of mind while we diligently work to dry out your home and make sure it’s returned to its pre-loss condition. Whether it’s an unfinished basement with water in one room or you have several inches of water standing in a finished basement, give us a call now!


How the basement water damage cleanup process works!


Restoring basements after flooding follows the same procedures for any other type of home water damage. While every job situation is unique, there are certain things that must be done in order to ensure a positive outcome. The most important thing is that all of the moisture is identified and properly removed so that black mold growth doesn’t occur in the future. Below is a video that gives you an idea of how water restoration services are typically performed and the steps involved:


Call now and we’ll give you a free price estimate!


Free_EstimatesIf your Concord basement flooded, the most important thing you need to have happen is for a professional water damage mitigation company to assess the loss. That means visually inspecting the damage and taking moisture readings to know what is what and thus what needs to be dried. While we can’t give you a quote over the phone, what we can do is provide you with a free cost estimate for any basement water extraction services you may need!

How is the price estimate calculated? You might be surprised to hear that we don’t actually determine our prices. They are set by insurers, so in reality what we do is chronicle the work that needs to be done, and for each line item there is already an agreed upon price. Watch this video to see how water damage companies like us estimate your basement flood cleanup service costs!


If you don’t move quickly you will end up with black mold!


basement-moldWe don’t want to scare you, but we do want to make very clear what happens when you don’t quickly and properly get moisture out of your basement. Within a couple of days, you’ll end up with toxic black mold. At this point, there can be challenges with your insurance claim and the potential you’ll be paying out of pocket for the water cleanup costs because insurers don’t cover mold remediation. The entire purpose of hiring professionals to dry out your structure is to prevent mold growth from occurring and from the moisture destroying the surfaces of your home. If you delay your response, or worse, attempt to dry out your basement on your own, chances are you’re going to get toxic mold in your home.


Our technicians are certified water mitigation professionals!


CertificateIconThat’s important because there is no state licensing required for water mitigation services like there is for other services, so you have a lot of people in our industry without the proper training to do the job well. With us, all of our technicians maintain current certifications with the IICRC, the industry’s certifying body. It’s an exhaustive course load that requires a lot of studying to understand the science of water mitigation services and a mastery of the equipment used to dry out and repair flooded homes.


The challenges of Concord basement water cleanup services


There are a lot of issues when it comes to properly removing moisture from a basement…here are a few we deal with daily:

() The water extraction process needs to be done with care. If there is a lot of water in a basement, removing it too quickly can cause the basement walls to collapse. We fully assess the structural situation so that we remove the water at the right pace so as to not create a very dangerous situation.

() Identifying where the water has traveled isn’t as simple as just eyeballing the basement. While you might easily see the standing water, it’s the water you can’t see that can be the biggest problem because if it isn’t discovered and dealt with, it will end up being a breeding ground for mold spores. Below is an image of a bathroom wall in a basement. Would you have known it was wet by just looking at it?


() drying out the structure without mold growing. If you think you can put a couple of fans down in your basement and it will dry out properly, you’re going to be really upset when you discover you were dead wrong and mold is everywhere. Preventing mold through structural drying requires the right equipment and the ability to adjust course should the structure not respond to the initial drying attempts. It should always be done by professionals!


We always stand behind our basement flood cleanup services!


satisfaction-guaranteeDon’t roll the dice when it comes to choosing a basement restoration company…whoever you pick, make sure they stand behind their work. With us, that means any work performed is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t close shop and head off until you’ve signed a piece of paper stating you are satisfied with the work we have performed! When we say we stand behind our work, we mean it!


Concord basement floods can be a huge headache.  Dealing with slow insurance agents, flaky restoration companies, all the while not knowing the extent of your Concord NH basement flood damage.  We understand, that’s why our Concord basement flood crews are here to help you through the experience.  Our job is clear: get your Concord flood damaged home or office back to normal as quickly as possible.  But our Concord NH water damage restoration crews don’t stop there.


We help you through the entire process, including working with your Concord homeowners insurance company to settle the claims & billing process.  When you call our Concord water extraction experts, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always speak with a person and you’ll always get a rapid response.  A flooded basement is serious…the longer water stands, the more damage it does to your Concord property.

That’s why you need a Concord flood damage company that can respond immediately to your property to begin the water extraction process.  Should any of your home’s items be damaged, we can also work to have them restored to their pre-loss condition.  So if you need a Concord flood damage you can trust to be there with immediate service throughout the Concord NH area, then please call us now!

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