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flood-damage-companySewer backups are quite common in our area, and when they happen it’s important they’re dealt with immediately and by trained professionals. While all types of home water damage are emergencies, that is especially true when it comes to a sewer backup. Whether it’s a small loss affecting one bathroom or your entire basement is flooded from a sewage overflow, please give us a call so that we can discuss your loss and figure out the best path to getting your home clean and fully repaired.


Why a sewer backup is a health hazard!


We don’t want to scare you, but we do want to educate you about your situation. The reason is because many people that have been in your shoes made decisions that were very costly to them, both from a health perspective as well as a financial perspective. When it comes to raw sewage spills in your home, there can be deadly toxins in the waste and floating in the air. It’s a dangerous job for professionals that have the right safety equipment and experience, meaning it’s extremely foolish for you to attempt any sort of sewage cleanup in Concord on your own.


When a sewer line backs up, make us your first call!


24-7-emergency-serviceResponding quickly to any emergency water restoration service needs is our bread and butter. It’s what allows us to save our customers’ homes and contents, and what separates us from some many of our competitors that advertise as 24/7 but can’t follow through on that promise. When you call us, our first action is to head to your property so that we can fully assess the loss, and we can usually be onsite in less than 1 hour. Make no mistake, seconds count when it comes to raw sewage damage, so we move fast!


Our company always provides you with a free estimate!


Free_EstimatesDetermining the price for any sewer backup cleaning services is very easy when you call us. Our process is designed to make it simple, transparent, and easy to understand for our customers. The estimating system we use is called Xactimate. What’s special about that? It’s the same system every adjuster uses when quoting losses covered by insurance. What does that mean for you? We aren’t throwing out an inflated price based on your emergency, we’re quoting the loss according to the industry standard prices!

Watch this video to learn the process for getting a quote for any sewage backup cleaning services you may need:


Certified sewage damage cleanup services!


CertificateIconWithin our industry, there is no licensing body like there is for other home improvement services. That means there are a lot of people masquerading as competent providers that really shouldn’t even be in your home, much less providing a crucial service to you. Our providers are fully certified water damage restoration companies that only employ competent technicians with the proper training, skills & experience. It’s just one of the ways we make sure your sewage backup is handled properly!


Did sewage backup in your basement?


sewage-backup-damage-basementThe most common place for sewage to spill over is in your basement, given the exit points for the pipes are lower there than in another areas of your home. When a basement floods with raw sewage, the amount of damage can be overwhelming. If you’ve suffered a sewage backup in your basement, we hope you know that while it’s bad, it can always be fixed, and a lot quicker than you might expect! We’ve cleaned, dried and restored thousands of Concord basements that have been damaged by sewer water, so we can handle whatever your loss might throw at us.


What are the benefits of using RestorationEze?


When choosing a flood restoration company, it’s important that you do your homework but it’s also important you make a quick decision. That can put a lot of pressure on you. We don’t envy that decision, and we hope the following benefits help you in making the right decision for you.


checklistWe fully screen, train & insure our technicians.

At the end of the day, you’re only as good as the employees you have working on the front lines. If our goal is to provide the best possible sewage damage cleanup services, then we can only accomplish that goal by hiring and training the best and that’s what we do. All of our technicians pass background screens and drug testing, are rigorously trained and fully insured.


satisfaction-guaranteeWe always guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

Concord NH sewer backups can cause all sorts of damage, but it’s our job to rectify the situation and do so in a way that is pleasing to the homeowner. If we can’t do that, we haven’t done our job. It’s why we guarantee you’ll be please with our work once we’re done, and we only sign-off on the job once you’ve stated you’re pleased.


Why has my sewer line backed up? Could it have been prevented?


Sewer lines backup for a couple of reasons which we will discuss below. And sadly, yes it probably could have been prevented. While that may not come as much solace right now, hopefully you can employ some of the advice below to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-line() blocked sewer line – you have one pipe exiting your home and tying into the city’s sewer system. When it gets clogged, whatever water trying to exit your home will get stuck and eventually come back up the line. What causes a sewer line blockage? Any number of things that end up going down your pipe that never should, but most notably cooking oils poured down your drain, fibrous materials being flushed down your toilet, and tree roots.

() storm overflow – if you’ve had a flood of sewer water into your home during heavy rains, this is what is referred to as a sewage overflow. What happens is the city’s drainage system gets too much water in it, and in an effort to keep flowing, the water goes up your pipe instead of proceeding down through the city’s main line and into a treatment facility. How do you stop this from happening? Install what is known as a backflow prevention valve.


If you have experienced a sewage back-up in Concord NH and need an emergency response, we’re here to help.  We offer complete Concord sewage back-up cleanup service for residential and commercial customers.  We specialize in providing a rapid response to your Concord basement flood and are insurance approved.  That means we can work directly with all major homeowners insurance companies to take the headache out of the claims process.  Whether your Concord NH flood damage was the result of a backed-up sewage line or from any other water event, our water extraction in Concord crews are standing by ready to assist you.

Each of our crews is fully licensed and insured for your safety and are properly certified Concord NH water damage restoration specialists.  We offer a 60 minute response time guarantee and stand behind all of our Concord flood damage services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So call us now and speak with a live representative and schedule your free in-home estimate!

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