Central Jersey Basement Flood Cleanup

Walking down into your basement and finding it flooded can put you in a state of panic.  We understand…we deal with flooded basements on a daily basis.  Our basement flood cleaning experts can quickly get the water out of your basement and perform any restoration or repair services that may be necessary.  The longer water stays in your flooded basement, the more damage it will cause, so please call us today for a no hassle, no obligation free estimate for our services!


Dealing with a basement flood and not sure what to do?  Give us a call for complete basement flooding repair service!


Day & Night Response.  Waiting around while your basement floods isn’t acceptable.  You need a company that’s responsive and can help you with your emergency quickly.  We answer all calls, 24/7, and can dispatch a flood restoration crew on the spot.  With trucks scattered throughout New Jersey, we can get to your property quickly!


Written, Free Estimates.  No need to shop around for the right basement flood cleanup company…we offer free estimates driven by the same price books used by your insurance provider.  In other words, we don’t even decide what we charge…it’s all done by the same software your insurance carrier uses to decide what a reasonable reimbursement amount is given the amount of flooding!


If you aren’t sure how we arrive at our costs, feel free to watch the video below that explains how the Xactimate estimating system works. We only use insurance-approved rates when providing you with a free basement flood cleanup estimate so you never have to worry about whether or not you’re getting a fair price…


Not all basement flood repair companies are the same!


We get calls constantly from homeowners that had a flooded basement and ended up hiring the wrong company.  There are many people out there willing to take on a flood cleanup project without the foggiest notion of how to do so.  What typically ends up happening is the basement walls and floors begin to disfigure and warp and mold becomes visible (or at least the smell of mold is present).  Sadly at that point you’re looking at a major restoration project with the possible inclusion of mold remediation services.


Always choose a company that is certified to properly extract water from your basement and mitigate your loss!

Only a certified flood damage restoration company has a staff specifically trained in the science of water damage mitigation.  That means understanding the intricacies of moisture damage, mastering the various systems and equipment necessary, and being able to formulate a unique restoration plan according to your specific basement flood situation!

A RestorationEze basement water extraction crew always follows the right procedures (as dictated by the Bible of the water damage restoration industry, the S500). That means we use the latest insights and best equipment to quickly and effectively dryout your basement.  Here’s what that process looks like in most cases:


We offer a mold-free guarantee on all work!


mold-free-guaranteeDrying out a basement effectively stops mold in its tracks.  So why are we called out on so many jobs where a shoddy, fly-by-night water damage company mitigated a loss only for the homeowner to start discovering mold weeks or months later?  It’s because the wrong provider was hired and they didn’t do their jobs the right way.  When a basement flood extraction job is done right, there won’t be any mold.  And with us, it’s guaranteed!


We’re your advocate with your insurance company!


insurance-claim-formIf you’re filing a claim and your adjuster has referred you to a basement flood removal company, we hope you’ll get a second opinion. While we obviously want your business, even if you don’t go with us, it’s always best to call a company of your choosing to provide an assessment.  Why?  Because an ‘independent’ contractor doesn’t have any sort of agreement in place with your insurance adjuster and can simply provide the flood restoration services needed at the appropriate cost. If your adjuster referred a certain company to you, that company has agreed to provide any basement water extraction services at cut rate prices.

What happens when you hire the cheapest contractor in town? You get what you pay for. And when it comes to water mitigation services, you simply can’t take chances.

There can be a lot of confusion about what is covered and what isn’t. Your best bet is to hire a flood mitigation company you feel comfortable with that has a proven track record of working with clients to help them navigate the claims process to a satisfactory end. It doesn’t always have to be stressful, and we understand the tips and tricks to help our clients get the support they need and deserve from their insurer!


Basement flooding due to a sump pump failure

The most common type of basement water damage we see is caused by a failure in a sump pump that sends ground water into the basement.  Whether it’s due to heavy, consistent rains that have caused the ground to become saturated, or the sump pump simply stopped working, the results must be dealt with.  Waiting for the water to subside and then throwing some fans down in the basement is a recipe for disaster and is only going to cause more damage.  So please call us and let us make sure all of the moisture issues are addressed properly so that you don’t get mold!


If you live in any of the following counties, please call us now for a free basement flooding cleanup estimate:

Middlesex, Monmouth, Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon, Union, Ocean


We have certified central NJ flood cleanup & repair professionals available 24/7 to help get your residential or commercial basement flood situation resolved quickly.  Our central NJ flood damage experts only use the most hi-tech equipment and restoration industry-standard methods to fully dry out and clean your basement.

Regardless of the size of the affected area, or whether your basement is finished or not, we can come to your property immediately to provide a basement flood damage assessment and a cost estimate to perform any water extraction services necessary.  We can also work with your insurance company and perform the homeowners’ insurance claims process to assist you in your time of need!

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