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Flooded basementRepairing flooded homes and businesses is what we do.  If you’ve suffered a basement flood or any type of water damage in Burlington County New Jersey, please call us.  We offer fast service, guaranteed satisfaction, and free estimates.  Best of all, our prices are standard for the emergency restoration industry and we can bill your insurance company for work that is covered under your policy.  So call now and get a free onsite assessment!


How our water damage repair services work…


We find many people are confused about the water restoration process from the get go, and sometimes that can lead to unnecessary headaches.  So here’s a general outline of what you can expect..


Your first call should be for certified flood cleanup services!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgYou don’t need to call your insurance adjuster first.  What if they’re busy and can’t get back to you for a couple of days?  And what if when they do the only thing they tell you is to call a restoration company?  It happens often, and the end result is you end up with more flooding damage to your property, potentially mold growth, and a longer and more expensive cleanup process ahead of you.

You should always call us, or another Burlington County water damage contractor, first. Only we can contain the water and begin the water extraction process.


We arrive in minutes to provide a free assessment!


Free_EstimatesOur team live answers your call no matter when you need help, and our first priority is to dispatch the closest water damage company to your property.  Each team is complete with all of the appropriate equipment and the lead estimator can assess the loss and provide you with a free estimate within 30 minutes of being onsite.  The estimate is written and you can be confident in the price we are quoting!

Why?  Most of our industry is paid for by insurers, and so unlike other service industries, insurers dictate what we can charge.  So to make sure the price of flood mitigation services is always fair, we use the same estimating software your adjuster uses to quote your project.  Here’s how it works:


We can get to work immediately – all certified technicians!


Once we’ve had a chance to explain what needs to be done, answered all of your questions, and hopefully provided confidence that our estimate is all you need, we can begin work immediately.

CertificateIconWhether it’s cleaning up sewage back-ups or extracting water in basements, the goal of any flood removal company is to begin the work as soon as possible.  Our technicians are fully certified and trained to handle any water mitigation services that you might require. We have all of the necessary safety gear and equipment and can have the majority of water and moisture out within an hour of being at your property!


Once complete, we perform a final walk through with you!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur goal is to get your property back to the pre-loss condition it was end before it sustained flood damage.  We use proprietary equipment to try and salvage the original parts of your home and feel confident that when we have finished up the water damage restoration process, you’ll be completely satisfied with the work we’ve performed.

Every water damage cleanup job we perform comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


When done, we send the bill to your insurer!


bill-directOne of the things our customers appreciate the most about our service, beyond the professionalism of our technicians and the speed in which we can get them back on their feet, is the billing process.  Assuming the loss is covered under insurance we work with the insurer to settle the cost of the work.  That means we don’t present you with a bill and require you to come up with the funds to pay us while you wait for them to send you a check!

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