Central NJ Flood Damage Restoration

Unfortunately water & flood damage is a reality living in central Jersey.  Whether it comes from a busted pipe, malfunctioning appliances, or heavy rains, getting the water out and properly drying the structure quickly is imperative.  That’s why our flood damage crews can assist you in your time of need and help get your home back to normal as soon as possible.  We provide complete residential & commercial flood cleanup services guaranteed to get your property fully restored fast!


When it comes to flood cleanup, no detail can be overlooked!


We use the best moisture detection, water extraction & rapid drying equipment available.  When it comes to your home, any water or moisture that isn’t effectively dried out can become a huge headache later.  Whether it’s additional water damage or even black mold, it’s a situation you really want to avoid.  To ensure that we’re getting out all of the water from a flood event, we use the industry’s best equipment and ensure our technicians are properly trained to effectively use the equipment.


We hire the best people and continually train them.  Don’t leave the safety of your home and your family in the hands of poorly trained people.  We employ the best people for the job and they undergo rigorous training and certification classes.  Flood cleanup is a specialized field and only a certified water damage restoration company possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to fully restore your home of office.


Here’s some questions we’re often asked from new customers:


How long does the flood cleaning process take?


Obviously it depends on the extent of flooding, what items have been soaked, how long the water has been standing, etc.  But in general if we’re just extracting water and drying out the structure it can take anywhere from 1-5 days to properly dry things out.  If it’s the case certain parts of your property need to be completely replace (drywall on walls and ceilings, flooring, carpeting, etc.) then that will obviously add additional work to the scope of services.


Can you save my wood floors?


Hardwood floors suffering flood damage are difficult to look at…what was once a beautiful accent to your home all of a sudden starts to warp and buckle.  But believe it or not, we can often times save flood damaged wood floors but it depends on how fast we can begin the drying process.  We actually use sophisticated drying systems designed specifically for wood floors and can effectively suck up any moisture and bring your floors back to their original shine!


Is my flood loss covered by insurance?


When it comes to insurance, there are two insurance policies: homeowners insurance and flood insurance.  Homeowners policies typically cover losses that occur from within the home’s walls.  So for instance, if you experience a sewage back-up or a dishwasher goes bonkers and floods water everywhere, that is covered.  But if the water source is from outside the home (heavy rains, storm surges, etc.) then that would need to be covered by a separate flood insurance policy.  We recommend you take a look at your policy and make sure you understand all of the fine print in your policy.  Of course, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call!


We proudly service counties throughout Central Jersey:



Call now for a written estimate at no cost to you!  We would be happy to complete a full flood damage assessment and provide you with an estimate for our restoration services.  It will be in writing and the costs are measured by the same pricing software used by major insurers so you know the cost is fair!

Want to learn how we price out our flood restoration services in Central Jersey? The process is a lot more simple than you might think. Most importantly, our estimators always use the same estimating software that your adjuster will use. It’s called Xactimate, and it guarantees you always get a fair price. Watch the video below to understand how it works:


When it comes to cleaning up flooding, there is a right way and wrong way!


We see it all the time…a homeowner or business owner calls an un-certified water damage company to their property only to realize weeks or months later that the work was done poorly. By then, the insurance company has usually paid out on the claim and considered it closed, so any work that will need to be done to actually mitigate the loss properly will come out of your pocket. Please make sure when hiring a flood cleanup company in Central Jersey you hire someone that is certified by the IICRC. To see what real, professional, and reliable flooding repair services entail, watch the video below:


What can you do to help protect your home against flooding?


As Hurricane Sandy taught us, there is only so much we can do as a community to protect ourselves from flooding. While once in a lifetime storms can devastate an area, even ‘normal’ rain storms can wreak havoc if your home is vulnerable to flooding. Here are some things you should consider doing if you haven’t already:


Make sure your gutters are doing their job.

bad-guttersProperly functioning gutters serve as the first line of defense against basement flooding. And compared to the other lines of defense, it’s cheap to make sure they’re doing their job. To be clear, gutters keep rain water away from your house. If they are broken, you don’t have properly installed downspouts, or they’re full of leaves, they won’t be able to do that crucial job and water will pool up around your basement foundation walls. It’s such an obvious thing, but something a lot of people overlook.


Slope the grade of your lawn/flower beds away from your home.

If your gutters are doing their job, but the water is still pooling next to your foundation, the issue could be related to the slope of your lawn. Namely, it’s sloping towards your house when it should be sloping away from your house and towards the street. Sometimes this isn’t always possible so if you’re in that situation, considering installing french drains to move the ground water through drainage pipes and into the street.


Install a sump pump and a backup generator.

sump pumpIf gutters are your first line of defense, a sump pump is your last. At this point, you’ve already got a groundwater problem that is threatening your basement. A sump pump will collect that water and pump it out of the pit it collects in before it makes its way in your basement. On average, it can cost over $1,000 to have one installed, but if you consider the average cost of mitigating flooding damage in a finished basement, it’s well worth the investment!


Our central NJ flood restoration & water extraction professionals have seen everything!  From sewage back-ups resulting in waster-water knee deep in basements, to overflowing toilets and gushing rain water, you can rest assured we can get your property dried out quickly.  Within 60 minutes, our water extraction crews can utilize state-of-the-art equipment to get any water out of your home or office building.  We can then begin the process of drying out the central NJ property and its contents.  Should any damage occur to floors, walls, or ceilings, our water damage restoration team can also assist with that portion of the property.  And perhaps best of all, we can directly bill your insurance company so that your central NJ flood damage event causes as little pain as possible.

So if you need help, and have found yourself flooded in central NJ, call our restoration representative now so that you can get a rapid response and free estimate!  It’s fast, free, and there is absolutely no obligation!  Get peace of mind and get your central NJ flood damaged property back to new!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Laura H. in Belmar, NJ – Home flooded due to storm
The storm surge went about 3 feet up the side of their home and caused considerable damage. The home’s tenants and landlords did as much extraction and restoration work as possible on their own but home began smelling and mold began growing on the walls.

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