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flood-damage-companyWhether it’s a flooded basement, an overflowing toilet that has sent water down walls and ceilings, or a commercial flooding event that has shuttered your business, getting help fast is imperative.  It’s why we are here and standing by to help you get your life and property back to normal after a water loss.  We specialize in 24/7 emergency water mitigation services and can be onsite within 30 minutes anywhere in Monmouth County, no matter what time you call!


Emergency water & fire damage restoration services! 


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAny amount of water damage is an emergency for a couple of factors.  One, when water soaks your home’s support structure, it weakens it.  Enough water can cause walls and ceilings to collapse.  Second, mold begins growing with 48-72 hours after moisture problems occur.  It’s why we specialize in a rapid response and fast water mitigation and reconstruction services.


Step 1.  Call & schedule a free onsite assessment.


Free_EstimatesWe make sure to answer your call no matter what time of the day or night you pick up the phone.  Should you wish, we can dispatch a team to your home or business that includes an estimator.  Our estimator can assess your water damage and provide you with a complete mitigation plan and accompanying cost estimate.  There is no obligation, and best of all, you can be confident in the price we offer.

Why?  Watch this video to learn more about how we calculate the cost of water damage restoration in Monmouth County and why you only need 1 estimate!


Step 2. Receive certified restoration services.


CertificateIconNot all Monmouth County restoration contractors are certified to cleanup water & flooding damage.  That matters.  When it comes to your home, or your business, don’t you want to have confidence that the company you’ve hired will be performing the work the right way?  We only use certified water damage restoration contractors that must follow strict protocols to ensure the highest level of service possible!


Our technicians are drug free & pass criminal background checks.

checklistBeing able to ensure your safety and that of your property by making sure our technicians are properly trained to do the work is certainly important.  But in our view, that all goes out the window if we’re sending someone to your flood damaged home that is a criminal or even under the influence of drugs.  That can happen if you pick the wrong Monmouth County NJ flood damage company.  But with us, you can breathe easy knowing the technicians are quality people, not just excellent craftsmen.


Step 3. Job complete?  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe’re confident in our technicians and are willing to back up our words with actions. Unlike some water mitigation companies, we actually care about our customers’ experience with us.  It’s truly the only thing that matters, and it’s why we make sure that every job, whether it’s flood restoration or sewage cleanup services,  is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Step 4. We handle the claim & bill your insurer.


bill-directWorried about dealing with your insurer?  We understand, it can be a cumbersome process and not something that is a pleasant experience if it’s something you are doing for the first time.  It’s why we take care of it for you.  In fact, you do not need to call your insurer first.  Your job is to make sure your home is safe, and that’s what we do.  Call us and we’ll take care of your insurance claim and bill them for our work!

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