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flood-damage-companyNeed professional water mitigation services?  Any amount of flooding, whether from a toilet, busted pipe, or refrigerator line coming loose, should be inspected by a certified water damage restoration technician.  We can provide you with a complete water loss assessment and explain what needs to be done to get your home fixed and make sure you don’t get mold.  Please give us a call now for a fast response and free onsite estimate!


Immediate response guarantee in Ocean County New Jersey!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWe have trucks located throughout the county and always have crews that are on-call any minute of the day.  It allows us to immediately respond to your flood emergency and we can be onsite within 15-60 minutes, and sometimes even quicker.  When every second counts, don’t you want a restoration company that can respond immediately?  If so, please call us now for fast help!


Common questions about water damage restoration services


Hopefully you’ve never had a flood emergency and this is your first, and last, time seeking a flood damage company.  Here’s some questions that we often get about the process and how we operate.


How do you decide what to charge?


Reputable water restoration contractors should be using the same software to estimate the cost of mitigation services.  It’s called Xacimate, and the way it works is by allowing the estimator to provide dimensions and outline the pieces of equipment, materials, and labor necessary to complete the project.  Xactimate uses the pre-approved rates insurance companies pay to calculate the total cost.  Here’s a video explaining how it works:


As you can see, when we come out to provide you with a free water damage estimate, you can feel confident it’s a solid price.


Can you save carpets and walls and other affected areas?


injectidry-water-damage-wood-floor-systemA lot of people have the incorrect impression that an Ocean County water restoration contractor comes in with a sledgehammer and just starts dismantling affected areas of a home.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Our goal is to be as un-intrusive as possible.  We have specialized equipment designed to get moisture out of various surface types.  You’d be shocked at what our systems can do when it comes to removing trapped moisture in all types of surfaces.

Obviously in some cases, like if a soaked wall is insulated, or you have a sewage backup that spills over into a carpeted area, we will have to remove items and have them replaced.  But generally speaking, we can usually dry out your structure without having to dismantle any areas!


How do you ensure the work is done right?


checklistIf you’ve hired a home improvement contractor and ended up with shoddy work, you know what that feels like.  And when you’re talking about water damage repair, shoddy work can be costly.  So how do we make sure our water cleanup companies do great work?  Each goes through a 15 point check, including ensuring they are properly certified as a water damage restoration company.

We also make sure that each employee undergoes extensive training.  But before they’re even offered employment, they must pass background criminal checks.  And while employed they must pass drug tests that are given at random.


How does insurance & the payment process work?


bill-directOne other thing that can be confusing for people is understanding the role their insurance plays in the process.  In short, their job is to determine whether your loss is covered under their policy and if so, pay for it.  You’ll notice their job isn’t to get your home fixed.  It’s to pay for those services.

What does that mean for you?  It means that you are solely responsible for hiring a water damage company in Ocean County New Jersey.  Call us and we will:

  • work directly with your insurance company to successfully file your claim
  • bill them for our water extraction & restoration services


What if I have experienced a sewer backup?


Sewage Back-up CleaningWe also provide complete sewage cleanup services for residential and commercial customers.  Sewage presents unique challenges and dangers and should always be mitigated by a professional restoration company.  We use safety suits designed to protect our employees and contain the sewage damage so that harmful pathogens aren’t released into the air while we do our work.

If you have a sewage back-up and need a professional Ocean County NJ sewage removal company, please give us a call!

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