Central NJ Water Damage Restoration

Residential or commercial water damage repair services have never been easier.  Whether from heavy rains, busted pipes or overflowed toilets or sinks, we specialize in providing our customers with comprehensive clean up and restoration services for water damaged properties of any size or state.  If you’re dealing with a crisis and aren’t sure where to turn, please call us and we would be happy to explain what we do, how it works, and answer any questions you might have!


But here’s a rundown of how the water damage cleaning process typically works!


Step 1) It start’s with a call…but to who?  Contrary to what you might think, you do not have to call your insurance company first to begin getting your property cleaned up.  In fact, it’s best to call us so that we can immediately respond and begin restoring your property.  Your insurance company will thank you for dealing with the issue quickly as it will ultimately save them money as less water damage will occur!


Step 2) We will dispatch a crew immediately to begin assessing your property.  It is a very thorough process in which we document the entire loss, catalogue damage items, etc.  Once we’ve completely our assessment, we will walk you through the restoration plan we recommend as well as the total costs associated with the work.  It’s a no obligation estimate, so if you’re not happy with the quote you do not have to proceed having any work done!

Best yet, the estimate is generated using Xactimate.  When you get a quote from our estimator, it’s a quote that has been compiled using industry-standard pricing by the exact same software your adjuster would use should decide on a filing a claim. Watch this video to see what you can expect from a RestorationEze free water damage estimate:


Step 3)  Assuming you’re happy with the quote, we can begin work immediately.  We’ll pack out all household items that are soaked or in danger of getting wet and if you have standing water on the property will begin extracting that water from the premises.  Once all water is removed, we’ll remove any carpeting or wall structures that have been damaged or ruined and set air movers throughout the property ensuring a fast dry time.  While the dry time can vary, it usually takes a couple of days.  But once your property is fully dry, we can then restore or replace any damaged areas and return your items!


Step 4)  If you’re filing an insurance claim, we can work directly with your insurance company.  We have specialists on staff that work each day with every major provider to handle the entire claims process.  We provide our damage assessment, the itemized cost of the work, along with the documentation of the loss and ensure that the claims process is handled quickly!



How do water damage insurance claims typically work?


First, let’s talk through the process and then let’s discuss some of the pitfalls that can cause you problems when you plan on filing a water damage claim.


The Process

There’s one hundred ways to skin a cat, but the ideal process looks something like this:

insurance-claim-formStep 1) You hire a certified water damage mitigation company that can begin containing the loss immediately and get your home fixed.

Step 2) You call your adjuster, who comes out to assess the loss and then works directly with the mitigation company you’ve hired to chronicle the work required and the cost associated with the work.

Step 3) Once the work of drying out your home is done, and our moisture reading equipment has determined your home is properly dried, a reconstruction company is brought in to repair any sections of your home that we needed to remove during the mitigation process. It is during this final stage that any deductible is handled between you and the reconstruction company that you’ve hired.


The Pitfalls

If your goal is to get your home returned to its original state and make sure that your insurance holds up their end of the bargain when it comes to the bill, then the biggest pitfalls are that the work won’t be done well and/or your insurer will stiff you on the claim. Many times, they’re related…we’ll walk you through it…

cautionYour insurer may want you to use a certain mitigation company to do the work. First, they can’t tell you who to use, it’s your decision. It’s your home. But if they do steer you in one direction, it’s for one reason: whatever company they tell you to call is going to not charge the full amount for the loss. In other words, they’ve promised to be the cheapest provider in town. What happens when you get cheap service? You get cheap service. Most have to find ways to save money to compensate for the lack of revenue for the job. So they take short cuts that put your home and health at risk.


Your insurer may not assess/calculate the loss properly. It’s important to remember, your adjuster isn’t a certified water mitigation professional, nor have they ever actually done any water damage restoration work (most likely). So while they may have in-depth knowledge of water damage claims, at the end of the day they don’t know every single step that needs to be taken to cost-effectively mitigate the loss and restore the property. Remember, the rates we can charge for every single piece of equipment,  man hour, and step taken are fixed. So as long as those things that are done are the most cost-effective route to take and necessary to fully mitigate the loss, the cost for the loss is exactly what Xactimate says it is!


Delay the water damage process and you will get black mold.


black-mold-2If there is one thing we hope you understand about your situation, it’s that if you delay the process of getting things fixed you are going to end up with a costly black mold problem. But to make matters worse, if mold enters the picture, it puts any insurance claim at risk of being denied. So if you have visible water damage, you have a property that is going to grow toxic mold spores if not fixed. And when it comes to something as serious as your health, you simply can’t leave the process up to anyone other than a certified, reputable company that has years of experience helping people in your situation!

Our central NJ water damage restoration professionals have seen it all.  Whether your home or office has just a small affected area caused by a gradual leak or you have standing water in a flooded basement, our central NJ restoration professionals can help get your property fully restored quickly!

Each central NJ water damage restoration crew on our team is fully licensed, insured & certified to perform work on your home or office.  We utilize the best techniques, latest equipment, and guarantee all of the central NJ water damage restoration work we do with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  We’re also approved by every major insurance provider, which means our central NJ water damage crews can work directly with your insurance company to handle the insurance claim and billing process.  Whether you need water extraction & dry-out services or you’re looking for someone to clean-up a basement flood, we can help.

By calling now, you can be assured you’ll always speak with a live central NJ water damage expert and should you want immediate response, a crew can be dispatched promptly.  Our central NJ water damage technicians will walk through your property to assess the damage and provide a free estimate for the cost of any flood restoration services that might be required.  So if you need a water damage restoration company you can trust, call us today and speak with a live representative who can immediately dispatch a crew to provide a free estimate for your central NJ water damage restoration needs!

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