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Dealing with a flood emergency and have standing water?  If so, a DIY approach isn’t going to cut it.  You need a water extraction company that understands the nature of water damage and has the resources to ensure your home is dry and safe.  And you need a water cleanup service you can trust.  While some contractors claim to be water extraction & dryout specialists, many lack the training and certifications to get your property dried out the right way.  We offer certified restoration and water cleaning services and follow the strictest standards so that you know the job is getting done right!


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Free_EstimatesWhat’s better than a free quote? How about knowing that the price you will be quoted was calculated using industry-standard pricing and that the onsite assessment will give you the opportunity to understand exactly what has happened and exactly what will need to do in order to remedy the situation? At RestorationEze, we make getting the right price fast, simple, straightforward, and of course completely free.

Watch this video to see how it works:


It’s about the people and the process!


We only hire the best candidates available and we put them through extensive training.  You can’t simply hand some the keys to a truck full of vacuums and send them on their way.  Any time you have water damage it requires a trained professional to understand what to look for, how to use the equipment properly, and ultimately ensure the water removal methods performed guarantee your home is safe to be in.


When we arrive at your property, one of the first challenges is finding the water.  You might be asking, “What do you mean?  Can’t you just see it and vacuum it up?”  Sadly, this is what gets most people in trouble when they decide to try their hand at extracting water.  The danger isn’t the water you can see, but all the moisture you can’t see.


What you’re looking at above is a wall that has high levels of moisture.  It looks completely dry to your eyes, but in reality it’s a perfect playground for mold.  If you decided to tackle the water cleanup process on your own and considered your job done on an area like this, you’d be looking at some pretty serious consequences.


Why is it important to have water cleanup done by professionals?


Total water damage restoration isn’t just about removing the water.  If it was you could just run to Home Depot and rent a wet vac and get the job done yourself.  But with water, the real challenge lies in finding what areas it has impacted and using various methods to dry out those areas.

We have the best moisture detection equipment available.  We use sophisticated equipment that can scan your walls, ceilings & flooring using thermal imaging.  It’s a way to peer behind the structure to see if there is water damage without having to rip out drywall or floor tiles.  We can pinpoint every square inch of your property that has high levels of moisture so that we can focus our rapid dry technology on those areas!


We have the industry’s best drying & dehumidification systems.  It’s important than your home gets dry quick so that mold doesn’t take root and begin growing.  We can quickly dry out your water damaged home using a variety of different equipment.  From air movers and extraction tools to negative pressure hard surface drying systems, we can make every attempt possible to preserve your original structure.  Of course, sometimes the damage is extensive enough that it requires replacement, but you’d be surprised at what we can save!


Our equipment and processes ensure your home doesn’t become a safe haven for mold.  Black mold is a dangerous issue and can cause you or your family to become extremely sick.  Not only do we properly dry out your property be also apply an anti-microbial spray to the affected areas as one more preventative measure to stop mold in its tracks.


What does the process of cleaning up water & drying out your structure look like?

We hope this is your 1st and last time needing a professional water mitigation company in Central Jersey. If it is, you probably have a lot of misconceptions about what the process looks like, how it works, and what we actually do. While each job will be different, we made the video below to show people that have never needed emergency water cleanup services what the process usually looks like.


What happens when the dry-out process isn’t done right?


There’s a few things that can and will go wrong if you try drying out your property on your own of you hire a water damage company that isn’t properly trained or equipped to do the job:


Water-Damaged-Hardwood-FlooringYou may lose portions of your home that could have been dried out and saved. It happens often with wood floors. People don’t understand how wood floors trap the moisture in the subfloor and within the wood grains, and clean up and dry up the standing water and then start to notice their floors cupping. Wood floors are notoriously difficult to dry out properly, and unless you’re a certified professional with the right equipment, you simply won’t be able to do it right and will eventually need to replace your floors.


black-mold-2You will end up with toxic black mold growth. So many times, we’re called once black mold spores are already taking over. At that point, there’s a lot more work involved and your insurer may balk at those costs if you plan on filing a claim. Just how much time are we talking about? Usually about 2-3 days is enough for mold spores to take off and begin eating away at your home’s surface. If you watched the video above, you saw one of the key steps we take is to actually spray down your house with a powerful anti-microbial before we begin the drying process. Why? Because it can often take 3 or more days to properly dryout the wet areas, and since mold only needs 48 hours, it buys us more time to get the job done before we run into mold problems.


Water-Damaged-Ceiling-photoPortions of your structure could collapse. When you introduce water to a structure, in most cases that structure becomes weaker. Let it sit for long enough, and you run the risk of having that structure give way and collapse. Especially when you’re talking about ceiling water damage, dry wall can only hold so much moisture before the screws supporting the dry wall can no longer do their job. It also happens commonly in second story bathroom floors that aren’t properly mitigated. So if you delay the process of cleaning up water damage, please know you are literally at risk of having portions of your home collapse.


Whether your home or office has experienced a sewage back-up or a massive pipe burst, we’re there when you need us.  Our central NJ dry out crews are available around the clock and can usually respond within 30 minutes to immediately begin getting your property dry.  We offer free estimates and can work with your insurance agent to put your central NJ water extraction problems behind!

So if you have water, act now and save yourself the trouble of even more problems down the road!  Call our central NJ basement water cleanup pros today for fast, reliable, affordable service.

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