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water-removal-diyAny time your property has experienced water damage, it’s best to call a certified water damage contractor.  Only we can make sure that the full scope of the damage is identified and mitigated before black mold grows.  At RestorationEze, we offer complete water restoration services in Bergen County and all of North Jersey, guaranteeing a one hour response 24/7/365 days a year!  Always fast, always affordable, and always there for you when you need help after a water disaster.


Emergency Water Mitigation & Repair Services


When a pipe bursts or a water heater leaks, it doesn’t take long for water to infiltrate into your subfloor, drywall, into your ceilings or even cabinets.  Water will permeate everything, and often times you’re not able to tell where it’s gone without special equipment.  So rest assured, if you’ve got excess, you’ve got an emergency on your hands. When that happens, here’s what you can expect from our Bergen County water damage companies:


Xactimate pricing – always free estimates!


Free_EstimatesOne of the best things about our service is the price.  Instead of deciding what to charge you, we simply enter the extent of water damage and the amount of water that needs extracted and drying equipment that needs to be used, and Xactimate calculates the costs. It’s the industry leader for estimating software for insurance-related repairs and bases all costs on the rates insurers have pre-arranged to pay for any service necessary!

Watch our Xactimate video to learn more…


Certified water damage cleanup services every time!


CertificateIconToo many things can wrong during a job for you to take any chances on the quality of the technicians.  We make sure that any Bergen County water damage contractor we employ is certified as a restoration company and that all technicians undergo extensive third party training and examinations.  If there is one thing we can say, it’s even if you don’t choose us, make sure you choose a certified water mitigation company to do the work!


Mold-free guarantee!


mold-free-guaranteeAny job comes with certain risks, and chief among them is the risk of black mold growth. If you think you have a mess now, wait until hidden moisture breeds mold and you need to have it removed.  At RestorationEze, we take the threat of mold seriously and guarantee upon completion of any water damage cleanup job your property will be mold-free.

Don’t end up with a bigger mess on your hands because the company you hired didn’t do their job properly!


Approved by insurers for direct billing on insurance jobs!


bill-directIs your home water damage covered by your insurance policy?  Most likely, the answer is yes.  If it’s the case you’re going to file an insurance claim, call us first!  We can be your advocate throughout the insurance claims process to help ensure a fair and speedy settlement to your claim.  And should insurance cover the majority of costs, we can just send the bill for our water restoration services to them directly!


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