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flood-damage-companyWhen a water, sewage or fire disaster occurs, there’s only one place you need to turn.  At RestorationEze, our job is to help you put this event behind you.  We specialize in water damage restoration & flood mitigation services.  That means that no matter what type of water loss you have suffered, we can get your home or commercial office back to its pre-loss condition quickly.  Before you call your insurance company, call us!  We can work directly with your insurer and guarantee a 1 hour or less response time, day or night!


Emergency Essex County Restoration Services – 24/7/365


cautionYou should never have to wait for help.  In fact, each minute that passes causes more water damage to your property.  And if you wait too long, you’ll end up with black mold. When you’re dealing with flooding damage, time is crucial and you need a mitigation company that can respond with the speed and urgency your emergency requires.  So don’t wait, call us now for an immediate response.  We can dispatch the closest crew to your property and they can usually be there within 30 minutes!


Get a quote – always free & never any obligation!


Free_EstimatesWe don’t price things over the phone because it’s useless for you.  Any reputable water damage company in Bergen County will use a software system called Xactimate to calculate how much it will cost for flood restoration services.  We use Xactimate, and it ensures that our estimators are offering you competitive, industry standard rates for all of our mitigation services.

Here’s a quick video explaining the process of quoting your project:


We make sure all of the moisture issues are addressed!


Some people make the mistake of trying to cleanup after flood damage themselves.  Or in some cases, they hire handymen or day laborers to do the job.  It’s an almost surefire way to make sure you end up with even more problems than you started with.  Here’s just one reason why:



You can’t address the water damage if you can’t find it!  Only certified water restoration contractors will have the right equipment to fully diagnose your situation.  Most flooding damage and moisture issues aren’t identifiable by a simple visual inspection.  That’s why we have to use a variety of different moisture probes, sensors and thermal imaging equipment to fully assess your property.


We then use powerful equipment to extract the moisture!


injectidry wall dryingMany people assume we come into a property with a wrecking ball and completely gut portions of your home.  To be clear, our hope is that we can salvage your existing structure while making as little mess as possible.  We have traditional equipment like air movers, fans and dehumidifiers that work great on wet carpets and floors but we also have an arsenal of advanced drying equipment that can get moisture out from behind walls and above ceilings without having to cut out sections of either.

As a full service Essex County flood company, we make sure we have the right equipment in each truck, and that our technicians are always up to speed on the latest and most advanced techniques in the industry.


Have sewage damage?  We offer sewage cleanup services!


Sewage Back-up CleanupA lot of water mitigation contractors won’t touch sewage.  The reason is simple: safety concerns.  In most cases they don’t have the proper equipment and safety gear to ensure the safety of you and their employees.  That should tell you something about the seriousness of the situation if you have experienced a sewage back-up and need the mess cleaned up.

We offer professional sewage extraction & cleanup services throughout Essex County and would be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation assessment and estimate!


We bill insurance for basement flooding cleanup services!


bill-direct…Or any other mitigation work that is covered by insurance for that matter.  If you’re unsure what your insurance policy covers, give us a call.  We successfully file claims on behalf of NJ homeowners and business owners every day and we’ve probably even worked with your adjuster before on claims.

That means we can handle everything they need to file the claim and can even send the bill to them.  If your basement flooded or your commercial building needs emergency water extraction, call us before you call your insurer and let us take care of the hassle for you!

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