North Jersey Flood Damage Restoration

We deal with flood damaged homes and offices throughout the North Jersey area on a daily basis.  We understand the emotional toll a flood can take on you when it’s destroying the home you love and the possessions you care most deeply about.  That’s why our #1 goal is to help get you and your property back to normal quickly and restore your home and your possessions to their original state.


We provide emergency flood damage repair services throughout North Jersey, including the following counties:


Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, Warren


Choose us for your flood damage needs and you can expect:


Fast Arrival Day or Night.  Flood damage is serious.  Whether it’s from a storm surge that has brought in toxic water or from a busted pipe, when water stands in your home it’s a recipe for disaster.  With us, you won’t be waiting long.  We can be on-site within 60 minutes and most times even sooner!


Free Estimates & Fair Pricing.  We always provide you with an upfront cost, in writing, for any flood damage cleanup or restoration work you might need.  And because we use the same estimating systems used by insurance companies, you know the price you’re quoted is fair and that your insurance company will not take issue with it during the claims process!


Guaranteed Work.  We strive to provide the highest level of flood damage service to our customers and want to make sure you’re happy.  It’s we spend so much time training our employees and perfecting our customer service process.  But if you take issue within anything we’ve done, please let us know so that we can correct it!


Flood water damage can be dangerous, make sure you use a certified restoration company to dry out and restore your property!


There are 3 class types for flood damage that signify the type of water as well as the risks associated with dealing with that water: clean, grey and black.  Clean water is water that is safe to drink.  Grey water is water that contains harmful things such as bacteria and/or chemicals…think of things like dirty dishwasher water, water from a busted aquarium, etc.  Black water contains organisms that can cause diseases such as E-coli, Hepatitis-A, etc.

And with a flood, it’s impossible to know just how toxic the water can be.  Attempting to clean it up yourself without the proper protective gear could cause extreme illness or in the worst case cause death.  We are certified to perform flood damage cleaning services and have the necessary equipment and understand the required procedures to fully remediate your property and restore it to it’s original condition!


You can trust a RestorationEze flood cleanup estimate…


An estimate for any flood restoration services is much different than other service types. Why? For a couple of reasons…one, the rates for our water damage services are determined by insurers, not service providers. And two, because the ‘estimate’ is simply a best-guess of exactly what will need to be done in order to return the home to its pre-loss condition. The actual cost is calculated by Xactimate and will be determined based on the exact amount of work required (will carpet be saved/dried or replaced? how long will the drying equipment need to be working? etc.).

If you want to better understand how the prices for flood damage services are decided, watch this video on the Xactimate estimating system:


We use a wealth of flood mitigation & drying systems…


The goal with any flooding mitigation job is to get the property fully restored and the property’s occupants back into the home or office as quickly as possible. To do that takes a lot of equipment, most of which you probably aren’t familiar with. Here’s just some of the tools we use to cleanup flood damage from your property:


hand-wandHand wand – water extraction system

The most common type of equipment used to handle the process of getting wet carpets or other surfaces free from standing water is a hand wand. This allows us to vacuum up water quickly and it is equipped with a hose that carries the water outside of the property to remove it. There are a number of other tools that can be used to remove the standing water depending on the amount of water, the surface type, etc. These include weighted extraction systems, pumps, etc.


thermal-imaging-water-damageMoisture probes & thermal imaging – water location devices

You can have the fanciest equipment on the planet, but it’s all for not if you can’t actually spot the flooding damage.  In many cases, the surface may seem dry but the sub-surface can be soaked, or nothing appears wet at all but it’s as wet as can be. So to spot every inch of moisture in your property, we use moisture probes and in some cases thermal imaging cameras that highlight temperature changes in the structure (which correlate to being wet or dry).


airmovers-dehusAir movers & dehumidifiers – drying equipment

These systems are most commonly associated with the flood cleanup process. What you call a fan we call air movers (and believe it or not there are many different types depending on the project need). These pass hot, very dry air over and on the surfaces that need drying. What then happens is the trapped moisture evaporates into the air, at which point it must be caught by our dehumidifiers and then safely removed so that the moisture doesn’t travel to another section of your home and cause damage there.

To see our equipment in action, and to get a better sense for the flood damage removal process, watch our video below:


The state of NJ has compiled an excellent flood preparedness resource that will help you navigate the challenges that come with a flood event. If you’re facing the aftermath of a flood and struggling to pay for it, please visit the public assistance web site.

We are experts in flood damage and have seen everything.  From Northern NJ basement floods caused by leaky pipes to massive commercial losses from heavy rain storms.  No matter what the job, our Northern NJ water extraction & restoration pros have the equipment, resources & skills to dry out your property fast.  Help is just a call away!  Regardless of when you call, you’ll always speak to a live Northern NJ restoration technician and we can dispatch a truck to your property immediately.

Our Northern NJ sewage-backup crews offer free estimates & we are insurance approved.  This means our Northern NJ flood damage experts can work with your insurance company and help take the headache out of navigating the insurance claims process!

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