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flood-damage-companyWhen you need a company you can trust to come in and help get your property restored after a flooding or fire disaster, we hope that you’ll call us.  Our focus is offering affordable & reliable emergency water mitigation services throughout Hudson County New Jersey.  We’re fast, we’re honest, we’re certified, and we’re the right team for your job – no matter how big or small the loss may be.  Just call us now and we’ll be there within minutes to help you get back on your feet!


When an emergency happens, fast help is available!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgMany people don’t know who to call or what to do when faced with a flooded basement or other water damage emergency.  Many end up leaving a message for their insurance adjuster and waiting around for a call back before moving forward with having the loss contained and mitigated.  It’s a costly mistake.  When you’ve experienced flooding damage, you need to call a professional water damage contractor to begin the water extraction and cleanup process.

Here’s just some of the things you can expect from us…


A no hassle onsite assessment & cost estimate.


Free_EstimatesWhen you pick up the phone and call, we treat the call with the urgency it deserves.  To start, it’s answered, no matter when you call.  The next step is dispatching a team of flood restoration professionals to your home to provide a complete water damage assessment. During the assessment, our project lead will perform some moisture readings and identify our recommended mitigation procedure.  Essentially, he’ll explain what we need to do to get things dry and fixed.

He’ll then present you with our upfront, no hassle estimate.  We use the same estimating system that your adjuster does, so it ensures we offer the right price every time.  Here’s a quick video explanation:


Certified technicians that are drug-free & screened.


checklistWe have a pretty simple guideline that we follow: if we wouldn’t want them in our home, they won’t be in yours.  Makes sense, right?  Sadly there are flood cleanup companies in Hudson County that happily employ seedy characters.  We don’t.  They are randomly drug tested throughout their employment and they must pass a thorough criminal background check before being hired. While it does cost us extra money, we think it’s the right thing to do.


100% satisfaction guaranteed.


satisfaction-guaranteeWe offer you what we offer any Hudson County water damage restoration customer we service: a guarantee for the work we do.  Our job isn’t just to cleanup flooding damage, it’s to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the entire process and that you feel like you’re getting the best flood removal service possible.  So to hold ourselves to a higher standard, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work once we’ve completed the project.


The best equipment available on the market.


extraction-equipmentWhen we show up, we show up with everything necessary to begin the water extraction process immediately.  Whether you have wet carpets, water damaged walls and ceilings, or sewage damage from a back-up, we have the right equipment to quickly and effectively contain the damage.  We invest heavily in the best equipment and every system we use undergoes routine maintenance to ensure its peak performance once called into action at your property!


Direct to insurance company billing assistance.


bill-directWe help with your insurance claim.  In fact, you don’t need to call your insurer first…you can call us, as we have people staffed in our office that handle the insurance process.  We can guide you through every step of that process and we always completely document the job and provide the necessary paperwork in a timely fashion to your adjuster.

On top of assisting with the successful filing of your claim, we can go one step further and actually send our bill to them directly.

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