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extracting-waterWhile your flooded basement or commercial blaze may feel like the end of the world, the truth is that it can be repaired, and usually much quicker than you think.  We specialize in providing emergency water mitigation & repair services that allow you to get on with your life quickly and put this event in the past.  We can help you through every step of the process, and can even bill your insurance company for our services!

Morris County water damage restoration – 24/7!


We cleanup fast after disasters strike!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgYou can’t respond any other way to an emergency.  It must be responded to immediately and dealt with swiftly.  Any delay can mean more damage and put members of your family at risk.  Whether it’s toxic particles in the water, mold growth, or the potential for damage to the support structure of your home, any flooding damage is cause for an emergency response!


Schedule an immediate on-site assessment!


Free_EstimatesCall whenever you discover the flooding and we can be onsite with a project coordinator and estimator, a full crew and a stocked truck. Once there, our job is to give you a very thorough assessment of your water damage and explain the steps required to fix it. While doing so, we can work up an estimate for the total cost of mitigating your damage and answer your questions about the process!


One quote is all you need – here’s why!


You will probably be relieved when you learn about how we decide what to charge for cleaning up flood damage and restoring your property.  Chances are, the insurance company will be paying for our.  That’s pretty standard in our industry, and it has resulted in a standardized pricing system.  We all use the same estimating software to price our rates, and it’s actually the same system your adjuster uses to figure out how much they will reimburse.  Here’s a video explaining the process:


Basement Flooding


flood-basementBasement flood in Morris County NJ?  It’s not uncommon. Because they house many mechanical systems and sit below the ground, basements flood often. Despite your best efforts, sometimes sump pumps fail or pipes leak. When it happens, we offer emergency basement water cleanup services. As with any mitigation service we offer, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Let us get your basement back to its pre-loss condition – call today for a free estimate!


Sewage Damage Cleanup


sewage-restorationSome Morris County restoration contractors won’t even go out to jobs where the water loss is a sewage back-up.  Whether it’s because they don’t have the right equipment or training, it puts you in a bad situation of wasting time talking to the wrong company.  We offer complete sewage extraction and restoration services that are guaranteed to fully clean, disinfect and dry your property.

We follow the proper procedures for a sewage back-up and make sure to keep you, and our employees, safe from harmful pathogens throughout the mitigation process.


No matter what service you need – it’s guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe train our technicians to handle the worst of situations with professionalism and speed.  Not only do they undergo complete training and certification to become a water damage restoration technician, they also go through mandatory customer service training internally.  It’s why we feel confident offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any flood cleanup or water damage repair services you may need!

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