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Flooded basementWhen a water or flood emergency happens, it’s important to quickly find certified, reliable restoration services. Whether it’s a sewage back-up in a basement, a commercial flood, or anything in between, we have the team and equipment to get your property clean and dry fast. We service all of Passaic County and always provide potential customers with an upfront and written estimate for any water mitigation services you may need.


Water – sewage – flood – fire – you name it, we restore it fast!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgOur job is to help people get their lives back in order after a disaster happens.  While it can feel daunting, the process of getting your home or office back to normal can be done within a matter of days.  We’ve helped thousands of customers just like you recover quickly from a flooding damage.


Learn more about the water damage restoration process…


phone-sans-shadowWhen the loss occurs, your first call is always to a flood restoration company in Passaic County NJ.  While the insurance company might play a role in the process, their role isn’t to help you find help to get your property cleaned up and restored.  That’s our job, and it’s a job that gets more and more difficult the longer water damage sits unattended.


Free_EstimatesYou should always get an estimate upfront and there is never any charge for the assessment.  It’s a pretty simple process, and one that every reputable Passaic County water damage contractor should follow.  Here’s a quick video on how our estimating process works and why we are the only cost estimate you need.


bill-directWe can usually file a claim on your behalf and then send the invoice for our restoration services to your insurer.  Most people aren’t very eager to pay out of pocket with flood cleanup services, but that’s exactly what some mitigation companies ask from customers.  Choose us and assuming your loss is covered and a claim is successfully filed, we can send the bill for our work to them directly!


Call us before you get black mold!


If you’re like most people, you’re shocked when you find out how quickly toxic mold damage can occur after a basement flood or other water event.  In fact, a rule of thumb is mold will grow in the right environment in 48 hours or so.  That’s not a lot of time to begin the mitigation process and eliminate the elements mold needs to thrive.

digital-moisture-meterWe use specialized equipment to fully scope the amount of water damage you have.  In some cases, we use moisture probes to pull moisture readings from tile floors, wood floors, or walls.  In other cases, we’ll actually take thermal imaging cameras and survey your structure.  These pick up the difference in heat on and behind surfaces.  Because water cools down areas, it becomes immediately noticeable.



We also cleanup sewage backups and repair sewage damage!


sewage-cleanupIf you’ve had a sewer back-up and the plumber has come out to fix the line, now it’s time to call in the pros to get the toxic mess out of your property.  We caution everyone, this is not a job for homeowners or do-it-yourselfers.  It’s a job for a water restoration company that is certified to handle black water classified losses and has the proper safety gear and training to get the property fully restored while making sure every one is safe.

If you need a Passaic County sewage cleanup company, please call us.  We’ll provide you with a free estimate to mitigate the damage!

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