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Given our state’s high population density, we’re at an even greater risk of experiencing sewage overflows as storms occur that overwhelm our municipal sewer lines.  Should a sewage back-up happen to you, we’re available around the clock to help get things cleaned up and sanitized.  We know it’s messy and scary, that’s why our North Jersey flood damage crews are standing by to help assist you if you’re in need of emergency sewage cleanup services.


It’s important to understand the nature of sewer back-ups so that if it’s happened you know what to do!


Why do sewage back-ups occur?

Sewage back-ups can occur for any number of reasons.  The most common is a blockage in your home’s sewer line that causes the sewage to get clogged up and come back up into your home.  Sewer pipes can become clogged because of many things, including tree root intrusion, items being flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t be, etc.  To prevent your sewer lines from becoming backed-up, it’s a good idea to have the lines snaked every couple of years just to make sure they don’t end up blocked and take simple preventative measures to lessen the chances of getting a blockage in the first place.

Sewage back-ups can also occur when the city’s sewer line becomes overwhelmed with too much water from a heavy storm.  This is called sewage overflow, and it essentially means that the excess water in the city sewer lines causes the sewage to be pushed back up your sewer line and into your home.


What is the first thing I should do if I find sewage in my home?

Call for help.  It’s that simple…if you have sewage, your home is contaminated with harmful agents that can make you extremely ill.  It’s an emergency situation that requires professional sewage cleaning services. Watch the video below to get a better idea of the dangers present when raw sewage sits exposed in a basement or other area of a property:


Should I call my insurance company?

Your first call should always be to a certified restoration company.  If you call your insurance company, they’re simply going to tell you to call a certified water damage contractor to have the sewage removed.  Call us first and let us begin the mitigation process and we can help with your claim.


Will my loss be covered by my insurance company?

Every homeowner’s insurance company is different.  Some carriers cover some types of sewer back-ups while others don’t cover any and require you to have an additional rider on your policy to cover sewage.  And in the cases where it is covered, it’s usually only covered if the problem was due to a malfunction within your property line.  It’s best to read over your policy carefully before speaking with your adjuster!


We offer complete residential and commercial sewage extraction services…


One call does it all!  Don’t call around in a futile effort to get someone competent to your home.  You could be wasting valuable time or you could end up with an un-certified contractor that does not properly mitigate your sewer back-up loss.  Call us anytime and we’ll dispatch a certified and insured crew that can be onsite within minutes to help!


Absolutely no obligation, free assessment & estimate!  Not sure what it costs to cleanup sewage at your property?  No problem, just give us a call and we’ll sent out a tech that can provide a complete damage assessment and free estimate in writing for the entire scope of services necessary to remove sewage and disinfect your property!


All techs are certified to perform all work necessary!  Don’t end up with more of a mess by choosing a company that is not certified to perform sewage cleanup.  Each of our technicians is insured and certified to clean sewage back-ups so you can rest easy knowing the work is being done to the highest standards in the restoration industry!


Our sewage cleanup estimates are always calculated by Xactimate!


Ok, you probably don’t know what that means, but it means you’re going to get a fair price each and every time. Xactimate is sophisticated software used by most reputable water damage companies and insurance adjusters alike. It allows us to estimate losses using insurance reimbursement rates, and ensures we never inflate our costs or use our pricing when you get an estimate from us. Watch the video below to see for yourself how a RestorationEze estimate works:


Proudly offering emergency sewer back-up cleaning services within the following counties:


Hudson, Bergen, Essex, Hunterdon, Morris, Ocean, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Passaic, Union, Warren, Somerset, Sussex


North Jersey sewer backup prevention tips


Sometimes you can do everything right and still get raw sewage in your bathrooms. But most of the time, a few key preventative measures can go a long way in making sure you never have to deal with the headaches that come along with a sewer backup.


Make sure your property is equipped with a backflow prevention device.


Many times, through no fault of your own, water can gush back up through your sewer line and send raw sewage and waste spilling out of your toilets and drains. This usually happens during times of heavy rains when the municipal sewer lines are overflowing. Here is a diagram of the scenario that plays out in these instances:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.35.31 PM

By installing a sewer backflow prevention device, you can be certain that water coming up your main line never gets the chance to spill out into your home!


Treat your drains well!

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineFor whatever reason most homeowners are under the assumption they can flush anything they want down their toilets and pour anything down their drains and that their home’s plumbing system will dutifully handle the burden. Unfortunately, if that’s your belief, it’s going to eventually bite you in the butt. For starters, avoid pouring fats, oils & grease down your drains!  What happens is the liquid turns to a solid once it hits your cold pipes and over time the buildup causes a complete blockage, at which point sewage is coming into your home!


Time is crucial.  The longer you wait, the more northern NJ sewer water damage that can occur to your home or office.  That’s why when you call our water damage restoration crew you can expect an immediate response.  Our technician will come to your northern NJ office or home to provide a free estimate and we can begin the water extraction process immediately.

If you have a northern NJ basement flood from a back-up sewer line and need professional help, call us now and we’ll be there in minutes to get your northern NJ property cleaned up and dry!

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