North Jersey Water Extraction & Removal Services

Reliable North Jersey water extraction services are just a phone call away.  We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You will always speak with a live representative and we can provide response within 30 minutes in most cases.  Don’t be fooled into thinking water extraction and clean-up is a do-it-yourself project…making sure your home or office building is dry and safe requires special equipment & certified technicians!


Always free estimates – never any hassle or bait-and-switch!


We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for any water cleanup service you need.  We price jobs using the same software as major insurance carriers so there is no concern that you’re paying more than you should.  Our water extraction estimate will be in writing and we will not perform any work until you sign off on it!


There’s no other way to put it: some water damage restoration companies are predators. They prey off of your desperation and are only after a check from your insurer and couldn’t care less whether they’ve priced their services correctly or whether they’ve done a great job of restoring your home. When you call us, you can always count on a couple of things:


1 – We always use insurance approved pricing guidelines!


When it comes to New Jersey water mitigation services, because most work falls under some sort of insurance policy. Because of that, insurers determine what we can charge for our services, such that any estimates are always calculated using the same software their adjuster will use to determine the cost of the loss. Here’s how that works:


2 – We always guarantee our customers’ complete satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeOur work isn’t done until you’re happy. That isn’t just a saying, that’s a part of our operational process. When we’ve completed our work, the project manager does a complete walk-through and inspection with the homeowner. We address everything that we’ve done, answer any questions you might have at that time, as well as any concerns. We do not ‘close out the job’ until you’ve signed paperwork confirming you are 100% satisfied with the work that has been performed.


Why can’t I just vacuum it up, throw some towels on it and call it a day?


Water damage is a tricky monster.  Often times we get calls from homeowners that experience a flood and decided they can extract the water themselves only to discover they missed most of the water and found themselves with an entirely different problem: mold.

The reality is that water can invade your walls, ceiling, insulation, and floors and you’d never even know it.  Here’s an example:

If you look at the image on the left, what you see with your own eyes, it looks like a perfectly normal (and dry) wall.  Infrared imaging shows something entirely different:  a water damaged wall that’s heaven for mold.

We use sophisticated equipment that finds every inch of your home that has unacceptably high levels of moisture so that we know what needs to be dried or repaired/replaced.


Will you be able to save my water damaged floors?


It just depends on the type of flooring, the category of water that has soaked your floors, as well as how much time has elapsed since they were first saturated.  The key for you is to move quickly to get the water out.  Make the call, you’d be shocked at what can be salvaged with a fast response.


Wet Carpet – We will always try to salvage your existing carpeting.  In some cases that is possible by using surface and sub-surface drying equipment.  In some instances we’ll place air movers such that they pass hot air between the carpet and your carpet pad.  In other instances we can use a weighted extraction tool in which we step on the wet carpet and allow the machine to suck up water both on the surface and under the padding and within the foundation.


Water Damaged Wood Floors – We get it, you’ve got beautiful hardwood floors in your kitchen they’re soaked and you’re a nervous wreck!  In many cases, we can salvage the floors from permanent cupping and buckling from water damage…but again, we need to begin drying them out immediately.  If your water damaged hardwood floors sit wet for any length of time, they’re probably going to need to be replaced.  But we can use a negative-pressure system that can suck up moisture from wood floors and dry them out rapidly.  We’ll do everything possible to save your wet wood floors!


How does the water mitigation & drying process work?


The easiest way to explain what we do is to actually show you! Watch the video below so you know what to expect when you call us for your emergency water removal service needs!


We provide water extraction service in the following counties in North Jersey:

Union, Warren, Bergen, Mercer, Middlesex, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex

If your northern NJ home or office building has standing water, whether it’s in a flooded basement or other area, an immediate response is the most important thing.  If you call us, you can rest easy knowing the northern NJ water damage restoration team will respond quickly to immediately begin drying out your property and any items that have been affected.  Using the latest techniques and the best equipment, our technicians stand behind all of their work with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!  That means your northern NJ home or office will be completely dried out or they’ll come back and fix any issues!

Call now and speak with a representative that can dispatch a crew in your area.  They’ll walk through your northern NJ property to assess all of the damage and can work directly with your insurance to make the process as easy as possible.  So call our northern NJ flood damage restoration crew now for a rapid response and a completely free estimate for any dry out services needed!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Bella O. in Wayne, NJ – Water in crawl space needed extracting

Water leaked into her crawl space and had gotten to within 6″ of her furnace and needed to be removed quickly. She was without power but we were able to use our generators to power the equipment necessary to extract water from her crawl space.

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