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Flooded home or business? Don’t wait around…give us a call and we’ll take care of it all! Our certified flood cleanup & repair crews are available at the drop of hat to help get your property dry and back to normal! We’ve become the Las Vegas flood damage company of choice because we offer affordable, fair rates, guarantee our service, and are happy to provide customers with a free estimate! So give us a call if you’ve experience flooding damage and need a restoration company you can trust!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Las Vegas area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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What does it mean to be a full-service flood damage repair company?


Not all contractors are truly flood restoration companies.  Some are general contractors or carpet cleaners by trade, and if they stumble across a flood cleanup job, they’ll take it.  But it doesn’t mean they really know what they’re doing or that they have the resources to get your property remediated correctly!


It means providing emergency service whenever it’s needed!

Day or night, rain or shine, it doesn’t matter.  Flooding is an emergency and should be treated as such, both by you and the company you choose to mitigate your loss.  By calling us, you can be rest assured we’ll always answer your call and always get to your property quickly!


It means maintaining proper qualifications and training!

Cleaning flood damage isn’t a simple process.  In fact, each job presents unique hurdles and only a properly trained flood restoration technician has the skills and training necessary to handle those situations.  Even if you don’t choose us, make sure you choose a Las Vegas flood damage repair company that is fully certified!


It means offering standard prices and free quotes!

A couple of things you should know about how pricing works in the restoration field.  One, a company should be willing to come to your property and provide a free estimate in writing.  Two, that quote should be derived from claims estimating software that everybody uses, so the price shouldn’t vary much at all between companies!


It means guaranteeing your customer’s satisfaction!

What good is a company’s word & service if it’s something they won’t stand behind?  Call us and you can relax knowing the work we perform is guaranteed!  We give you peace of mind with a 1 year warranty on any flooding cleanup service we do…it’s just another way we let customer’s know the job will get done right!


Our flood cleanup rates are insurance-approved!


Did you know that we don’t set our rates?  Unlike other services, our industry determines what to charge for flood damage repair services using approved rates for each and every service or material as determined by insurance adjusters.  Our flood contractors use Xactimate to estimate your loss, so you know it’s fair.  Here’s how it works:


We find all the water to ensure the flooding damage repair process doesn’t end up producing mold!


If you’re not a professional in the field, you probably don’t realize the dangers of hidden moisture.  Most people think that you can see any flooding damage and can thus repair/replace that damage.  Sadly that can end up costing you a lot of money and stress.

We use detection equipment that can spot high moisture levels so that we know what needs to be dried or replaced.  There’s typically two types of equipment we use.  One is a moisture meter that we apply to the surface area of a wall, floor, etc. and it reads the moisture level.  We compare levels with an area of the home that is deemed unaffected by the flooding to know what is acceptable.

Pictured above is the second piece of equipment.  It is an infrared imaging device that can peer into a solid surfaces and detect moisture.  As you can see, sometimes your eye lies!

Watch this video to learn more about how professionals cleanup flooding damage:


Las Vegas flooding damage can cause serious problems to your home or office if not handled immediately.  If you’re experiencing a water loss and need a Las Vegas flood damage repair company that you can depend on, then please call us today.  Our water damage repair pros can be at your property quickly and can begin the restoration process.  By acting quickly, you can save yourself many headaches and save much of your home’s contents.

Las Vegas flood cleanup companies use the best equipment and industry-standard restoration techniques to get your property dried up and fully restored.  We also use mold prevention techniques so that any affected areas don’t experience future mold issues.  Within 30-60 minutes, and sometimes even quicker, our Las Vegas sewage back-up cleaning experts can be at your residence and can offer a free water damage restoration estimate.  Not only that, but our Las Vegas water extraction pros can also reach out to your insurance company to handle the sometimes clumsy claims/billing process.

We understand your Las Vegas flood damaged property is scary, and probably causing a lot of stress.  Please don’t worry…Las Vegas flooding restoration help is just a phone call away!

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