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Water damage comes in all shapes, sizes, smells and colors! And when it does, you need a restoration company that you can trust. We offer Las Vegas residents and businesses complete water damage cleanup and repair services and the highest level of customer service around. We strive to be of assistance in your time of need, and we work as hard as possible to put your water loss in the rear view mirror quickly!


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Las Vegas area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Certified Water Damage Repair Services


Unfortunately there are companies out there advertising as restoration companies when in reality they’re not.  We offer certified water damage cleanup services.  That means our technicians are fully trained and carry the appropriate credentials.  It means we use the latest technology and equipment and it means we conform to the appropriate procedures as defined by various trade associations within the restoration space!


Free Water Damage Estimates & Fair Prices


We will always come to your property to provide a free estimate for any water damage services you need.  Our costs are generated by pricing software used by insurance providers.  In other words, we charge the same amount they deem to be appropriate for the extent of the water damage and the amount of work it will take to restore the loss.  And our quotes are in writing, so there’s no need to worry about a bait-and-switch price!


Learn more about how we charge for water damage repair services and how we guarantee that our customers get an insurance-approved price each and every time:


Satisfaction Guarantee & 1 Yr Warranty on Labor


One of the most valuable things we can offer our customers is peace of mind.  We understand that experiencing water damage is traumatic, and so we want you to know that if you choose us, you’re choosing a Las Vegas water damage company that stands behind its work.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction and even offer a 1 year warranty on our services!


Will my loss be covered by my insurance?

Without seeing your policy or knowing the cause of the damage, it’s impossible to say.  Every homeowners insurance policy is different but the rule of thumb is that if the damage is caused from an event that occurred within the property’s walls, it’s usually covered.  If the water damage is caused by water that originated outside of the structure, it’s not typically covered under homeowners insurance and requires an additional flood insurance policy.


Can you help with my policy claim?

If your loss is covered under your insurance policy, we’re happy to help you with the claim process.  As an insurance approved provider, we can work directly with the adjuster for your claim to help settle the loss.


How quickly can you be at my property?

Usually within 30 minutes.


Should I be worried about mold?


Absolutely.  It’s the biggest threat you face when dealing with a water damage event.  By not using a certified water repair company, you run the risk of the property not being properly mitigated and dried out only to find toxic black mold growing in your walls or ceilings.  We use equipment that can detect all water damaged areas so that we know what needs to be dried, moisture detectors that determine when things are fully dry, and even apply an anti-microbial spray to combat against any future mold.


How does the water restoration process work?


The goal for any water damage contractor is to get out excess moisture and stop mold before it starts.  Ultimately, we want to get your home or office looking like new, and making sure it is safe to be in once again.  But how do we do that?  Below is a video explaining the common steps taken during water damage repair projects.  Hopefully it gives you some sense of what to expect should you need our emergency restoration services.


We provide 24/7 water damage cleaning services to:


Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Enterprise, Whitney, Henderson, Boulder City, Spring Valley, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Sun City, Desert Shores, Sovana, Paradise Valley, Winchester, Los Prados.

Las Vegas NV residences and offices experience a water or flood event every minute or every day.  While our Las Vegas properties are built to last, the reality is that things can go wrong.  Hot water heaters malfunction and leak, pipes freeze and burst, and toilets or drains can overflow and sewage can back-up.  While these are your nightmare, they are the events our Las Vegas NV water & flood damage restoration experts are fully equipped to handle.  No matter how big or small, we have the ability and experience to restore your Las Vegas property that has been damaged by water or needs water extraction back to its original state.

Our Las Vegas NV flooded basement & water extraction crews have years of experience working with homeowners and business owners to help get them back on their feet.  No matter where you are in the Las Vegas NV area, we can have a technician at your property quickly to immediately begin extracting any standing water or raw sewage and restoring your property.  We are also insurance approved, meaning we can work directly with your Las Vegas insurance company to handle the claims and billing process.

Our goal is very simple: we aim to make a bad experience as painless as possible and get your Las Vegas NV water damage property back to normal as quickly as possible.  And we stand behind all of the work our Las Vegas flood damage & water extraction professional perform with a 100% customer satisfaction.

So if your Las Vegas home or office has experienced a water loss, immediate help is just a phone call away!

Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Sonja M. in Henderson, NV – Sink hose broke and caused water damage under sink

The damage occurred over 2 months before we were called and the homeowner attempted to fix it herself. Unfortunately she was not able to and it cause water damage to the sheetrock and her cabinets as well as the flooring foundation.

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