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flood-damage-companyReliable water removal services are just a phone call away.  We understand the importance of an immediate response to a water loss in your property because we see firsthand how bad things can get if not dealt with quickly.  It’s why we have emergency water extraction crews available around the clock to handle all of your water cleanup needs.  We provide a free, on-site assessment & estimate for any water mitigation services you may need performed, and back all work with the best guarantees & warranties around!


We make water mitigation easy so you can get back to normal!


If you’ve walked down to a flooded basement or come home to 2 inches of water in your bath and hallways, it’s not the end of the world.  A water loss or flood event happens on average once every eleven years.  For us, it’s what we deal with on a daily basis and our goal is to make the process as simple and fast as possible.


Need it cleaned up fast?  We respond ASAP!


24-7-emergency-serviceIf you’re picking up the phone and calling us, it’s because you have an emergency on your hands that must be dealt with ASAP.  If you make the call quick enough we can usually save your property and its possessions through water mitigation without resorting to reconstruction work….so call for fast service!

Don’t let the water sit long – call us for help!


We provide on-site water removal estimates for free!


photo_free_estimatesThere’s no way to give you a ballpark quote over the phone.  We can’t estimate by square footage because it’s impossible to know where the water has saturated and what the appropriate action is without seeing and assessing the water damage ourselves.  So we provide a free on-site quote for all emergencies!

If you’d like a free quote just call now!

One thing our customers appreciate is the transparent process we put in place during the estimating process. There is no guesswork, and there is no adjustment of our rates based on how busy we are that day or any other factors. We use the same system that all insurance companies use when estimating water losses that fall within an insurance claim. Watch this video to learn how that process works for our customers:


You can count on us – we guarantee our work!


satisfaction-guaranteeEven after choosing a flood restoration company, there’s still concerns on your part.  Will the work be done right?  What happens if something goes wrong?  Choose us and you can rest easy with the knowledge that any work we perform always comes backed by a guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied!

We stand behind our work!


The importance of fast service when it comes to mold…


costs of restorationBlack mold grows with the set or circumstances, including moisture, food (like your drywall!), time, and temperature.  So if your home or business has experienced flooding damage, then you’ve checked off a couple of items on the list.  If not dealt with properly, the chances are pretty good that you’re going to end up with mold eventually.

Mold remediation is an expensive process that can disrupt your life, and in most cases, it won’t be covered under insurance.  Especially if you have experienced a water loss and the insurance can show you were negligent in handling the loss, you’ll end up fronting the bill and it will be a painful check to write.

Don’t end up with mold – call us now before it starts growing!


The water mitigation process should always be done by pros!


So you’re good with a hammer and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves? That’s great, and we salute your handiness. That said, you should not attempt drying out your structure unless you’re certified by the IICRC and have access to a warehouse full of a equipment that it can take to get moisture out quickly and safely before mold takes hold. You might even know a guy who’s a contractor that says he can help. Again, if he isn’t IICRC certified as a water damage restoration company, he has no business helping you recover from flood damage.

The video below will hopefully give you a better sense for the resource intensive process it takes to truly mitigate your loss:


What can be saved & what has to go?


injectidry-water-damage-wood-floor-systemCleaning up after water damage should always be done according to the procedures set forth in the IICRC’s guidebook the S500.  There are some very hard and fast rules it states regarding what can be dried in place and save versus what must be removed and replaced. Chief among them is items that have been damaged by raw sewage or other black water classified water must be removed. So while we might be able to dry them, they can’t truly be cleaned to the point where they’re safe. Another example is when a wall that is insulated gets wet. We can dry out the wall, but the insulation behind the wall is ruined once it gets wet. So again, we’ll have to cut out the drywall and dry the wall cavity and replace the insulation.

But once you get into determining whether or not items can be dried or need to be replaced, please understand that the biggest issue is what is the most cost-effective route to take. Most of our losses are covered by insurance, so when we go to help you with your claim, the first thing they’ll want to know is if we took the most cost-effective route to drying out your structure. In most cases, drying place is the answer, but not always.

But our goal is to dry out your existing structure without having to rip out portions of your home!


Make sure your claim is handled properly…call us!


insurance-claim-formSadly, insurance claims are rarely straightforward, at least in the sense that you get the outcome you want with little headaches. We try to make clear to anyone that calls us that their insurance adjuster’s goal on any loss is to make the claim amount as little as possible. Please notice, we did not say make sure your home is returned to its pre-loss condition as quickly and effectively as possible.  Adjusters will do a couple of things to try and make their financial obligation smaller:


They will tell you to choose a certain company.

contractor-customerOne, this isn’t legal. You have every right to choose any water extraction company you choose, and they’re obligated to work with that contractor and dutifully fulfill their role as your insurance company. But when they tell you to call a certain company, they’re doing that because they’ve got an agreement with that company to send them business if they make the claim amount smaller than it should be (or even worse, cap it at a certain amount). So what happens if there is legitimately $10,000 worth of damage but they are only going to charge the insurer $4,000? They have to make up that additional $6,000, and inevitably that means taking short cuts on the work necessary.

Don’t go with a company that is promising your insurer the cheapest rate in town. Go with a company you trust to get your home fixed. The billing portion will be worked out with the insurance company and we’ll make sure we’re made whole for the work done.


They will inaccurately assess the loss.

Adjusters are not water cleanup companies. They are not certified and have absolutely no experience actually doing the work of drying out and repairing water damaged homes. They might have experience assessing losses, but when it comes to the dozens of steps it’s going to take to mitigate your loss, they need to rely on a reputable water damage restoration company in Buffalo to assess the loss. We don’t inflate our rates or do unnecessary work. But we do all of the work that is necessary, and we make sure your adjuster understands why that work is compulsory.


Water Removal


Buffalo water removal companies should be fully insured, certified & licensed to perform work. But beyond that, your water removal service should go above and beyond to help you navigate a trying time. You can expect that with our water removal experts!


Water Extraction


Regardless of the amount of water you need extracted from your basement or property, our water extraction company has the skills to get your residential or commercial property dry and back to normal! So call our Buffalo water extraction service now for a rapid response and free quote!


Water Cleanup


Residential or commercial Buffalo water cleanup services are specialty industries. We understand the complexities of water cleanup because it’s what we do. We always offer free estimates and stand behind any water cleaning work we perform!

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