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Air-movers-drying-water-damagedWhat happens when your property experiences flooding?  The water will travel through walls, floors and down ceilings, soaking up everything in its path.  And if left unattended to, that moisture will breed black mold, putting your health at serious risk.  At RestorationEze, we offer complete water damage cleanup services throughout Nassau County, New York.  Call now and we can discuss your loss and dispatch the closest crew that can be onsite within 60 minutes should you need immediate assistance!

Nassau County Water Restoration Services!


Please Relax – We Can Handle Your Project From A-to-Z!


You don’t have to be an expert in the water restoration field, you just have to put your trust in the right company.  While some might not provide competent services, and others might leave you in the dark with regards to your insurance claim, we handle every aspect of the water damage cleanup service so you can focus on your day-to-day life.


First – We make sure the free estimate is reasonable!


Free_EstimatesWhile some restoration companies in Long Island find ways to boost their rates based on how they feel that day or how much they think they can get you to pay, our estimates are based solely on Xactimate.  This is the same piece of software that your insurance adjuster uses to determine the amount they will reimburse, so it ensures all parties are operating from the same rate sheet.

RestorationEze water damage companies don’t do bait-and-switch, we simply outline the extent of the loss, line item what needs to be done, and Xactimate tells us the rate to charge.  Learn more about Xactimate by watching this quick video we created explaining what the onsite water damage assessment entails as well as how Xactimate works:


Next – We make sure the work is done the right way!


CertificateIconThere is the right way, and then there’s a thousand different approaches a company or technician that doesn’t know what they’re doing will try.  When it comes to your Nassau County water damage, you don’t want to be a guinea pig where someone is learning on the fly.  In our space, every single aspect of the job is dictated by the IICRC’s S500 water damage restoration manual.  You either follow it and do the job the right way or you don’t and you put your customers’ safety at jeopardy.


checklistAt RestorationEze, we make sure you get the following:

All work is performed by certified water damage restoration technicians.

All technicians must pass a criminal background screening before being hired.

All technicians must pass random drug tests.

What does certified water damage mitigation services look like?  The long answer is every job is unique.  The loss itself will dictate the proper mitigation plan, but there are some things that are common with most losses.  Watch our video to learn more about the process we do to get your water damaged home dry and fully restored!


And finally – we make sure your insurance claim is settled!


bill-directWhile many Nassau County water damage repair contractors can handle the aspects of cleaning up your loss, few have the office staff to help you with your claim.  We realize that is one huge pain point customers have, and many left to their own devices aren’t able to easily communicate with their adjuster and make sure they have what they need.  Just call us and you don’t have to worry about the insurance claim portion of your loss!

And best of all, our final invoice goes to the insurance company, not you!


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