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Sewage Back-up CleaningDon’t take a sewer backup lightly. Too many people do, and it comes back to haunt them. Sewage water is classified as a black water loss, meaning it’s not something you want to mess with and something that should be addressed by professionals immediately. At RestorationEze, we offer 24/7 emergency sewage damage repair services in Akron OH and the surrounding area. We can handle losses of any size and would be happy to provide you with a complete water damage assessment and free cost estimate – so just call!


Emergency Sewage Cleanup Services – Fast, Affordable & Reliable!


phone-sans-shadowWhen you need it done fast, and you need it done right, and you need it done at a fair price, RestorationEze is the right call.  With one phone call, the process of getting your home or office restored and cleaned can begin.  We always answer your call, you always speak to a live person, and we always dispatch a crew immediately.  And when you call, here’s some things you can expect from our Akron sewage cleanup contractors:


No obligation, free estimate – always fair pricing!


Free_EstimatesAssessing the sewer backup visually is the first priority.  We need to see what areas have been affected, determine if any hidden moisture has penetrated any surfaces, and measure the loss.  At that point, we can walk you through what needs to happen to cleanup sewage damage and repair the property.  We provide you with an upfront estimate for the full scope of work and our friendly technicians can answer any questions you have about our Akron water damage restoration company or our services!

A free estimate is great, but not unless it represents a fair price.  And in our industry, the prices are already set by insurance companies.  So there really isn’t any wiggle room between reputable companies when it comes to pricing.  We all work off of Xactimate, which is the industry leading estimating software used by insurance adjusters.

Here’s how it works:


Certified sewage extraction service!


CertificateIconWhen seconds count, you need to make a quick decision on which sewage damage company you are going to choose.  And with some companies, that can mean hiring technicians without the proper training and certifications.  And that can mean mistakes are made that put your family’s health at risk.  As RestorationEze, we make sure our contractors carry the proper certifications and that each technician has extensive training and experience under their belts!

When it comes to your home, and especially when you’re dealing with sewage water damage, you just can’t take chances.  So make sure you choose a company who is committed to hiring and training the best! Please take a moment to watch the video below to understand the particular dangers of dealing with raw sewage and why you should always call a certified sewage cleanup contractor!


Drug-free, screened, licensed & insured technicians!


checklistOur job is to ensure the health and safety of your family or employees.  That is a role we take seriously, and it’s something we can’t do unless we make sure the people servicing your project are safe.  While some basement flood companies roll the dice on their employees, we think that’s simply unacceptable, not to mention dangerous.  So choose us, and we make sure that all technicians are:

  • drug-free – techs must pass random drug tests
  • certified as water damage restoration technicians
  • insured to protect your property
  • background screened – techs must pass a criminal background check


100% satisfaction guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen you pick a sewage cleanup company in Akron OH, you’re making a big decision and ultimately trusting that the work is going to be done correctly.  Not all providers are willing to guarantee that, but choose RestorationEze and your complete satisfaction comes standard with any work performed.  If our technicians make a mistake we will fix it before we complete the project, and we don’t consider the job done right until you sign-off saying you’re 100% satisfied!


Tips for preventing a sewer backup


Most sewer backups should never happen. But sadly, a mixture of bad habits and a lack of preventative measures means raw sewage exposure that puts people’s health at risk. Here are some things you can do to make sure that you never have to deal with this issue again.


Maintain & regularly clean out your main drain.

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineThe single best thing you can do to prevent a sewer backup is take of your drains. That means being careful about what you pour down your drains and what you flush down your toilets. It also means having your main line snaked once every couple of years. Things like grease, oils and fats will clog your drain and not allow water to exit your premises properly. What happens then? They come back up from the direction they came!


Install a sewer backflow prevention valve.

Even if you’re doing everything within your power to maintain your pipes, accidents can still happen. Most notably, during storms the city’s sewer system can get flooded and the water flowing through those pipes can back up into your home. To prevent this, consider having a sewer backflow valve installed. As the diagram below shows, these can stop water from finding its way up your home’s pipes and prevent you from having raw sewage in your basement!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.35.31 PM

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