Cleveland OH Basement Flood Clean-up

Given their location, basements are the most susceptible to getting flooded of any area of the house. Whether it’s flooding due to rain coming into the window wells or seeping through the foundation, or even a water leak that occurred in an upper level of the home and dripped down into the basement, getting out the water quickly and beginning the drying process is imperative! We specialize in helping Cleveland customers extract basement water and can be at your home within minutes to provide a free, no obligation written quote.


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If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Cleveland area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Understanding the importance of rapid basement flood cleanup!


When it comes to flooding basements, time is the enemy.  Give water long enough to permeate and saturate your home and it will cause significant structural damage and probably lead to mold.  We focus on being available anytime you might need us and with crews throughout the area, we can usually begin extracting basement water within 30 minutes of your initial call to us!


A fast response means saving household items from further damage!

We offer complete pack-out services designed to save things in your basement from getting water soaked, or in the case they have already been affected by the flood, we can have them safely transported to off-site so that they can undergo cleaning and drying services before they are returned to your home!


Getting water out of your basement fast saves your property!

If our basement flood extraction crews are able to get to your home quick enough, we can usually save those places that have been damaged by the flood.  Wet carpets, even water damaged wood floors and soaked walls can usually be salvaged if we can begin the water extraction and drying process fast enough after the basement flooding occurred.


Fast drying times mean less headache for you!

We know you want us out of your home as soon as possible.  We’re homeowners too, and the idea of strangers coming in and out isn’t very appealing.  So we use the absolute best equipment available and position the drying equipment in the right places to ensure drying times are as short as possible.


Don’t wait too long or mold will take hold and begin growing!

Once in your basement we can apply anti-mold solutions throughout the area to act as a deterrent to any mold growth.  Most people are surprised that mold can begin growing virtually overnight, so waiting to have your flooding basement cleaned up means you’re running the risk of finding yourself needing to tackle black mold!


Call us today for a free estimate for your basement flood repair needs!


We don’t spend time trying to find ways to fleece you in your time of need.  We simply determine the amount of flooding and damage done to your basement, enter it into our pricing system and it spits out the total cost.  And the best part is that we use the same pricing software as your insurance company, so there should never be an issue when filing a claim for reimbursement!

At RestorationEze, we make sure you always get a fair price for any basement water extraction services you need…watch this video to learn more about the estimating process:


Questions to ask your basement flood restoration contractor…


Asking questions is a great way to become more informed and ultimately make better decisions.  And nothing is more important than hiring the right basement water restoration company should you need one.  Here’s some questions we would suggest you ask before making a decision:


Are you insured & certified by the IICRC?

iicrc-logoBelieve it or not, there are companies out there soliciting business for emergency flood cleanup services that aren’t carrying the proper insurance policies and frankly aren’t even qualified to do the work.  Before allowing someone on to your property, make sure they have the appropriate insurance policies that protect you and them in the case of injury or negligence.  Also, make sure whoever you hire is an IICRC-certified water damage restoration contractor so that you know they have the proper training and knowledge!


Do you offer insurance direct billing?

insurance-claim-formSome basement flood removal companies in Cleveland Ohio will ask you to pay for their services upfront.  Given the sometimes high prices proper water mitigation services can run, that can put you in an awful big financial predicament.  That’s why you always want to hire a contractor that is willing to offer direct-to-insurance billing options and even deductible discount specials.  A competent basement water extraction company will be able to assist you with both, so make sure to ask!


What type of screening process is in place for your technicians?

checklistWhen you need basement flooding cleaned up, it’s a situation where you will have a number of strangers entering your property and coming and going for a few days. We’re like you, and understand that isn’t the most pleasant scenario. But you should have assurances that the people aren’t dangerous, but all too often that isn’t the case depending on the company you hire.  Our contractors perform a national background check on all technicians and drug test randomly!


How do we repair basement flooding damage?


If you would like to see the process in action, feel free to watch the video below.  In it, we explain the common steps taken during the flood mitigation process…


There’s a number of other great resources on the web that help you understand what the basement cleanup process looks like after flooding, so please continue to do your homework if you feel like you have more to learn.  Of course, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have if you would like to give us a call!


If you find yourself needing professional basement flooding repair services anywhere in the Cleveland area, please give us a call first:

Euclid, Mayfield Heights, University Heights, Shaker Heights, Central, Forest Hills, Orange, Highland Hills, Mt Pleasant, Maple Heights, Bedford, Garfield Heights, Lakewood, Parma Heights, Fairview Park, Brooklyn Heights, Parma, Westlake. Middleburg Heights, Berea, Chagrin Fallas, Independence

Cleveland basement floods can be a huge headache.  Dealing with slow insurance agents, no-show restoration contractors, all the while not knowing the extent of your Cleveland basement flood damage.  We understand, that’s why our basement flood cleaning crews are here to help you through the experience.  Our job is clear: get your flood damaged home or office back to normal as quickly as possible and with as little headache to you.

But our Cleveland water damage restoration crews don’t stop there.  We help you through the entire process, including working directly with your homeowners insurance company to settle the claims & billing process.  When you call our Cleveland water cleanup experts, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always speak with a person and you’ll always get a rapid emergency response.

A flooded basement is serious…the longer water stands, the more damage it does.  That’s why you need a Cleveland flood damage company that can respond immediately to your property to begin the water extraction process.  Should any of your home’s items be damaged, we can also work to have them restored to their pre-loss condition.  So if you need a basement flood damage repair company you can trust to be there with immediate service, then please call us now!

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