Smoke & Fire Restoration in Cleveland

fire-restoration-equipWe provide complete fire and smoke damage cleanup services throughout Northeast Ohio.  When your property has suffered damage from a fire, no matter how little, it’s important that a certified fire restoration company survey the damage.  The rule of thumb is that whatever damage you can is just the tip of the iceberg, so it’s always important that a trained professional assess the loss.  If you would like us to help you understand what your options are, we’d be happy to help – just call!


Northeast Ohio’s trusted fire damage company!


We know what you’re going through and we hope you’ll understand that when it comes to property and possessions, it can be fixed or replaced.  We hope that there were no injuries or worse, and we hope that when it comes to getting this event in your rear-view mirror and moving on, there is competent help available.

We want to be your trusted partner throughout the entire fire damage restoration process, from start to finish.  So call us and here’s just some of things you can expect:


An immediate response & free estimate.


The first thing we try to educate people about when it comes to fire damage is that it must be dealt with immediately.  The problem is that there can be issues with the integrity of your property’s structure that must be addressed immediately.  It’s why we’re committed to providing an immediate response for any emergency situation you may be dealing with.

Free_EstimatesAnd our first task is making sure you have a fair estimate, upfront and in writing.  So to accomplish that, our fire restoration project lead comes to your home or business.  Once there, he can perform a complete assessment and give you a firm price cost on what it will take to repair the fire or soot damage on your property.

Call for a free estimate today!


A fair price to cleanup fire or smoke damage!


You don’t have to worry about whether or not you are getting a fair estimate for the work required to get your property restored when you call us.  We use insurance-approved claims software that calculates our price based upon insurance reimbursement rates.

What does that mean for you?

XactimateOne, it means you’re receiving an estimate based upon a 3rd party software that is used by both restoration companies and insurance companies.  It’s not us pricing what we want to charge.  It’s a price derived from standard rates.

Two, it means you don’t need another estimate from another company.  The rates don’t vary much at all, assuming all parties are using the same software.  So there’s no need to get multiple estimates as the cost won’t vary much at all!


Certified technicians & superb service!


CertificateIconWe certify each technician so we know they’re providing a level of service that our customers have come to expect.  Whether we repair water damage along with fire damage from a commercial fire that resulted in the sprinklers going off, or a residential loss on a much smaller scale, we never veer from the right approach to mitigating the property.

All of our fire damage repair technicians are fully trained and understand every facet of the science behind our work and of course are properly trained to use any equipment that might be required during the job.


100% satisfaction guaranteed on every job!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhen we’re done repairing fire damage or removing soot and smoke from your property, we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied.  In fact, we don’t close out a job until you have done a final walk through with the project lead and have signed a document saying you are 100% satisfied with the job we have done.

There are some smoke odor removal companies out there that consider their work done once they’ve collected their check, since that is the only thing that is important to them.  Not us.  We realize that without satisfied customers, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business!

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